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The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value

Behind this farfetched message lies only a date format incompatibility with the database. It is also possible that you got this message in french:

To bypass this blocking message, you will need, depending on the database type you use and depending on the language settings you have on your computer, to create an entry in your registry:

First open your Windows Registry and find the folder:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Target Skills\PLanningPME] or [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Target Skills\PLanningPME] if you are using a 64bits operating system. 

The create a New -> DWORD 32 bits.

If you use a MS Access database :  
name this DWORD 'FR' and set its value to '1' (0x00000001)

If you use a SQL Server database :  
name this DWORD 'US' and set its value to '1' (0x00000001)

Then close and reopen PlanningPME.

If you still have this message after doing these modifications, feel free to contact us.

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