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Team Management

Team Management

PlanningPME is a software that has been designed to help managers to run their team efficiently and share the planning informations with everybody. In PlanningPME, you can decide to link your employees together so that when you assign a task to one of them, the task appears to be done by everyone. A good human resources management solution, isn't it?

Let's have an example:

By clicking on Data --> Team, the following window appears

To add a new team, click on Add. The following window enables tou to name the new team and add the resources you want.

So create and organize your teams as you wish and there is the result. If you assign a task to Mike (who is part of team 1), the task will automatically be assigned to the other members of the team.It enables you not to create the same task several times.

Note that you can separate the task of a resource, which means that this specific task won't be linked to the others and that you will be able to move the task independently from the other. You can also delete the task independently.

Team management

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