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Task time

How to assign a duration to the task in hours or days?

When you affect a length to a task, PlanningPME will calculate cleverly the ending date taking into account your resources slots : slots and non working days. You can also indicate a break.
How to use task time feature?

First of all, create a task on your schedule. The “task” window then appears.

Careful! A task with a duration can only be assigned to one resource.
NB: Ticking on "All day" you can enter a length in days.
Ticking off "All day" you can enter a length in hours.

Let's see this task management feature with a practical example

We are going to assign a 4 days length task to the resource « Pedro ».

PlanningPME is going to take into account non-worked days such as Saturday and Sunday on this example. So, the task will end the 9th of August!


This function is interesting when you know the length of your task but not the ending date.

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