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Task setting

Let's see how to create a task on the schedule !

First of all, there are three ways to create a task:

  • by double clicking on the planning board;
  • by drawing a rectangle on the schedule;
  • by right clicking on a blank space of the planning board and selecting "New Task".

This is what you should see displayed on your screen:


From this task setting window, you can decide which task you want to assign to and the related resources (several can be associated with the task if necessary).Choose also the beginning and ending hours for the task...or add a recurrence to the task so that your resource accomplishes it every given day/week/month.

Then, you can move the task on the schedule with a simple "drag and drop" operation.

Other tasks functions will be explained in further posts for an easier task management.

In the meantime, download the trial version of planning PME and try it for free.

Do not hesitate and ask for an online demo.

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