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Start your planning demo

Are you looking for an easy to use and efficient planning tool to manage your business activity?

From now on, nothing is easier to check whether our tools can answer your needs, as you can test our planning examples directly on our website!

Indeed, planning examples are available and allow you to run a demonstration at any time and without any registration.

How does the demo work?

Just select the planning example you want to test (staff, technician, project management…) and the demo starts automatically, you have nothing to do! Then you can freely create events in the schedule and browse the menus to see the range of possibilities offered by PlanningPME. The online demo is shared with other users and data is erased every day. However, you can also ask for your dedicated access.

So just visit our website to check all of the available planning demo. It’s up to you!

And, to learn more about PlanningPME planning solutions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.


 See you soon!

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