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Security Planning

Security Planning

Here is an example of a security company planning. It aims to show the way PlanningPME can be used in that kind of activity. Many security companies already use PlanningPME.

First of all, the software can adapt itself to the particularity of your activity. As an example, you can create/modify the different time slots to fit the special working hours of your employees. Special costs can be assigned according to working hours. You can do this by clicking on Tools --> Options --> Timetables

Now that the timetable is done, you can assign missions to your employees. You can see on the following picture that the view is clean thank to color differentiation.

You can also check your activities by clients. To this purpose, there is a special view named "client view" which shows the different tasks by clients on a planning. This way you have a precise view of the activities fulfilled for each client and even edit statistics for a better understanding.


Comments can even be done to precise special events or conditions about the task. Newly released feature allows you to send planning updates by e-mail to your team in real time.

Is this planning template correspond to your company?

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