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Easy-to-use resource scheduling software

Scheduling software


A scheduling software

to manage rooms, appointments, employees...

Are you looking for a good scheduling software to manage efficiently your activity?

Then, Target Skills presents its fully cutomizable software PlanningPME to schedule your planning.

This multilingual scheduling management tool available in 8 languages is highly adaptable and suitable for all types of companies.

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and cumbersome scheduling boards.

The software enables companies to manage scheduling easily and provides an accurate global schedule of human and material resource use in just one click.

Different types of schedules can be managed with PlanningPME:

- employee scheduling software

- appointment scheduling software

Visit the website and try out pre-set schedules such as:

- Training scheduling:

Training scheduling software

- Resource planning:

resource planning software

- And much more planning and scheduling examples.

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