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Resource profile

Visualize the weekly profile of your resources !

In PlanningPME, we did he best to make your Human Resources Management easier.

On the schedule, greyed days will correspond to non worked days.
From PlanningPME, double click on a human resource box of the left column :

 The following window appears :


You can create as many resource profile as needed.
Here is the procedure:
Click on the button « Add »
The following message appears. Press on “OK”.

Enter a name for your new profile and fill in the slots information for your employees.

  • If your employees attendances are the same one week to another, tick on « Define work capacity in function of slots ». In the example below, we created the profile of an employee who does not work on Wednesdays and the weekend and from 9 am to 5 pm the other days with a break from 12h30 to 13h30. 


  •  If your employees working hours change a week to another, tick on « Define the capacity in function of hours number». On the example below, we created the profile of an employee who works 8 hours a day without regular slots.












Then, do not forget to click on « OK » to save the new profile. 

On this example, Laura does not work on wednesday.

Display on several days: If you display the screen on "several days", the display will be more precise than on the other views because the periods not worked will appear

We created the following profile where Laura does not work on tuesday and wednesday afternoon and ends at 4pm on friday.

  • Weekly view: We can check that Laure does not work on tuesday.


  • Visualization on several days: We can see all the periods not worked and the breaks.

This view is more detailed.

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