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Public administration planning

Public administration planning

Since its creation, PlanningPME has a special link with local public administrations. Everywhere, public administrations have to deal with a huge attendance either at the counters nor with the advisors. So it is crucial to organize all these people the best way possible. PlanningPME is a software that can adapt itself to perfectly fit your needs and the particularity of your activty.

  • You want to manage your resources for an outstanding service at counters?

 PlanningPME allows you to link a human resource  with a material one. So you have a precise view of what your people are doing and which counters are occupied or not. This way, there are no double booking. Furthermore, the skill management function allows you to put the right person at the right place.


  • You want to manage your resources for better appointments management?

You have many advisors to manage and a few time to give to your clients/users. PlanningPME allows you to book your advisors appointments by both you secreatry and the advisor himself. This way, the secretary can assign appointments to the advisor while himself can manage its time by using the planning at the same time. So, your people gain time and avoid double booking. 

Here is the best solution ever for all types of administration. It's proven! 

If this brief planning template example gave you some ideas, download the trial version of PlanningPME today.

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