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Planning department creation with PlanningPME

You have a lot of resources to manage in your company and you don't want to display them all at the same time on your screen because it would be unreadable? The solution for your business planning is Planning department creation with PlanningPME

With PlanningPME, you can create easily departments in order to have a better overview of your activity and extract the Planning for each department from your overall schedule


First create your department in Date -> Department

Following window appears :

Enter the name of your departments clicking on add and select directly from this window the resources belonging to this department


In the department window you can now the your departments and the number of resources in each department



Then, you can display on your screen one department for a better overview clicking on the combo box in the menu bar and selecting the department you want to appear on your screen.


Only the resources of this department will be displayed

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