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Manage several databases with PlanningPME


A simple setting of your shortcut PlanningPME will allow you to:
- Manage several schedules installed on different databases
- Pre-define the display with the different filters while opening the planning

1/ Manage several schedules on different databases
Right click on your shortcut of PlanningPME and select “Properties”.
Then, go to the tab “Shortcut” and specify on the field “Target” the database you would like to connect to
The syntax is the same for each database:
The indent [-] or [/] begins each command.
You can not use spaces. They must be replaced by %20
Details of the commands to launch a given database:
- base=[Connexion string]
- schema=[schema of the Oracle database]
- us=[0|1] Put 1 for a database in english
 - fr=[0|1] Put 1 for a database in French
 - oledb=[0|1] Put 1 for a database SQL Server, MySQl or Oracle

Illustration with some examples:

1.1              MS Access

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" C:\Program%20Files\Target%20Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.pp

1.2              Sql Server 

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" -base=Provider=sqloledb;Data%20Source=[name of the server];Database=[name of the database];Uid=[user Sql];Pwd=[password user sql] -oledb=1


"P:\Informatique\Versions\Béta V4.0.2.0\PlanningPME_REF\Vente\PlanningPME.exe" -base=Provider=sqloledb;Data%20Source=srv-sgbd;Initial%20Catalog=test10;User%20Id=ppme;Password=planning -oledb=1

srv-sgbd           =          Name of the server
test10               =          Name of the database
ppme                =          User SQL
planning            =          Password of the user SQL

1.3              My Sql

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" -base=Provider=MSDASQL;DRIVER={MySQL%20ODBC%203.51%20Driver};Server=[name of the server or IP Address];Port=3306;Option=16384;Stmt=;Database=[name of the database];Uid=[user my sql];Pwd=[Password user my sql] -oledb=1

1.4              Oracle

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" /base=Driver={Oracle%20dans%20OraHome92};DBQ=[name of the database]];UID=[name of the user];PWD=[user password]/oledb=1 /schema=[name of the scheme.] /us=1

2/ Pre-define the display of the planning

You can select some filters of the planning directly.Here are some commands:

-date=[date while opening the planning]
-planning=[type of planning]

For example, this example below will diplays the planning on the 01/01/2009 for the department « Administration » in a monthly view and the resource view.

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe"
/date=1/1/2009 /filter=Administration/planning=Monthly

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  • Jeroen van Wijk

    3/24/2009 4:22:13 PM |

    1e attempt
    "C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" -base=Provider=sqloledb;Data%20Source=vmmbsnxp\sqlexpress;Initial%20Catalog=pmemamut;User%20Id=ppme;Password=planning -oledb=1

    2e attempt
    "C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" -base=Provider=sqloledb;Data%20Source=.\sqlexpress;Initial%20Catalog=pmemamut;Integrated Security=SSPI -oledb=1

    3e attempt
    "C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" -base=Provider=sqloledb;Data%20Source=vmmbsnxp\sqlexpress;Initial%20Catalog=pmemamut;Integrated Security=SSPI -oledb=1

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