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Easy-to-use resource scheduling software

Maintenance management

PlanningPME is particularly well-adapted for maintenance management

You can easily assign the right technicians to do the right job like installation, preventive or corrective maintenance, training at the right time. Have access to a good overview of all your planning of your technicians on your different regions.

Maintenance management software

Some of the benefits:

  • Reduce time doing your planning: PlanningPME will enable you to manage your preventive maintenance easily via recurrents tasks and reminders.
  • Eliminate paperwork: PlanningPME allow your engineers to visualise the schedule from anywhere via the web. They are informed on real time of the last updated records on clients, jobs to perform, equipments to work on.
  • Improve inventory management: PlanningPME keep track of all the maintenance jobs done and you can find easily past and future assets. Also, follow all the operations done on all equipments, clients on a large time scale.

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