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Fair Organisation Planning

Fair Organisation Planning

PlanningPME counts among its users some fair organizers. As you will see through this planning template, PlanningPME meets particularly well the requirements of that kind of opportunities.

Fair organisation needs a special rigour because it is a long and complicated task to handle. The best advantage the fair organisers can take from PlanningPME is the clearness of its interface and of the informations displayed. PlanningPME allows to handle many employees and display them by departments/service. Then, you can create as many tasks as you want and display your work by tasks for a better follow up. It is even possible to display your planning by project so that you do not feel lost when working on a particular fair. 

Everything is designed so that the informations displayed are clear and precise. Then you are free to custom the planning to feel at ease when using it. To have a better understanding, take a look at this example:

Here is the main view, the resource view where you can see all your resources and the tasks assigned to them.


 Here is the task view that tells you the state of the ctivities sorted by tasks. It offers another point of view on the work on progress.


But you can also choose to see the activity by projects or by clients or whatever you want since PlanningPME provides a lot of different filters and even allows you to create yours. 

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