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Easy-to-use resource scheduling software

Evolutions version 4.0.3.

As always, from our clients requests, new features are developed in order PlanningPME to suit your requirements better.

Save time with all those new features: 

  Agenda View: New views like in Outlook calendar.
Display of the planning improved New icons, new drop down list to change the view

Filter of the planning by resource: A new filter allows you to filter the planning per resource

Number of visible lines on the planning board From the menu Depuis le menu Tools -> Options -> View, select the number of lines you want to display on the screen. This setting is now customised per user.

List View: New view with the listing of all your tasks on the period of time displayed.

 Evolutions PlanningPME:

 And also...


PlanningPME Web Access was also improved with our new feature Mobile Phone: 

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