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Employee time management scheduling includes various tasks from managing working time or time off to more specific data such as the number of hours spent by a customer, or assigning an employee to a worksite. Whether you need to manage an agenda for some of your human resources or for several services, it's important to get a clear overview of your business activity and individual workloads.

With PlanningPME you can get very detailed information that will help anticipate busy times or improve reactivity after last minute changes on a project or on an ongoing task. Moreover, planning networking allows you to notify planning changes to coworkers thanks to e-mailing or notifications.

Main features of our scheduling software include:

- Planning views: depending on your needs, you can display daily, weekly or monthly views of your planning

- Ressource availability: you want to assign a task to an employee? If the chosen ressource is not available at the chosen date, a message is displayed to help you avoid conflicts in planning

- Service management: manage the various services of your company (sales department, administrative service, technical department...) by defining access rights specific to each user or service (read only or provide changes to the planning)


Check our dedicated webpage to discover more functionalities of our employee scheduling software.

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