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Education planning

Education planning

Training sector is a rising activity. As it grows, it becomes more and more complicated to manage. PlanningPME is the solution chosen by many education centers to plan efficiently the human resources, the rooms and the material. 

Here on the following picture, you can see how our client decided to manage its company. Both rooms and teachers are displayed at the same time on the planning board. Lessons are always linked to a room so that double booking is impossible. It is possible to add special material as books, paperboard, projectors...

A different view allows you to see your different classes in order to know precisely which lessons took place for them, if a course has been cancelled...


It can interesting to assign skills to your teachers so that an englisk lesson can't be assigned to a psychology teacher. To do this you just need to create a new skill by clicking on Data --> Skill and right click on Add Skill. Then assign it to a human resource. If you assign a task to a teacher that doesn't have the skill. This message appears:


In that case, the software enables you to sort your teachers by skills that you look for by clicking on Edit --> Availability.

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