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Creation Mode

Selection and Creation Mode

These modes have been designed to make tasks management easier.

Creation mode

This mode allows you to create tasks on the schedule drawing a rectangle or double clicking.

Selection Mode

This mode allows you to select several tasks at the same time and to move them on the scale time.

By default, you are in a creation mode. For the selection mode, right click on your mouse and choose "Selection Mode".     
You can select several tasks at the same time drawing a rectangle grouping several tasks or selecting them one by one with the touch CTRL pressed on.
Move you tasks along the scale time, dragging one of the selected tasks.
In this example, 3 tasks were moved to the next day at the same time.

If you made a mistake, you can cancel the last operation pressing the keys CTRL + Z.
You can also delete several tasks proceeding the same way or paste several tasks.

Careful: In the "Task",  "Client" or "Project" view, you can move your tasks along the time axis but not along the y-axis.
To be back to the creation mode, right click on the schedule and choose "Creation Mode".

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