Create a task without allocating a resource

by cdeschamps October 1, 2009

You can now create a task without allocating a resource from the task, client or project view.

So, you can plan in advance your tasks and interventions and allocate them to your resources later.


The icone (Ø) show that there is no resource allocated to the task.

NB: If you are already a client, you will first need to do this setting in order to have access to this feature:
- Create a resource of the type To Plan from the menu Data -> Resource.
- Just put a space on the label.

- Then, click right on the resource and hide it:

You can now create tasks without assigning any resource.

Want to know more about PlanningPME releases?

Have a look at the evolutions of PlanningPME, version 4.0.3.




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