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Company planning

Because managing a company represents a huge workload, PlanningPME will become the best planning business tool you ever had.

 With this powerful tool, you will be able to plan your activities either according to resources and tasks or customers, projects... PlanningPME is a very complete planning software as it allows different types of overviews and lots of functions such as reports, statistics, users rights... Wether you want to see your employees' organisation on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or according to the departments, the project teams, the urgent tasks, PlanningPME will suit your requirements. Both human and material resources can be managed together or separately.

 The edition of precise statistics related to days-off, sicknesses, billing, workload enables you to have a clear view about how things are going in your company.

 Now, with our complementary tool PlanningPME WebAccess, you can even share and publish the planning of all your employees on HTML pages for visualisation.

Company planning gets easier

 You save time, you gain serenity! 

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