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by cdeschamps February 9, 2009

Do you want to have a customized web demo on PlanningPME?

Our consultants are at your disposal. Advantages:

- save time

- optimize your planning 

We are using the remote control software Inquiero. Here is the procedure:

InQuiero is an advanced communication technology which facilitates an immediate connection between your PC and the PC of one of our consultants, in order to provide remote technical assistance. 

How can I get assistance online? 

From PlanningPME, go to the menu “?” -> “Help online”.

The following Windows appears: 


Add the “code de session”  (Session code) that we provide. Click on "Accepter" (Accept)

The following window shows that the connexion is being done:

Then, this window appears:

Click on "Accepter" (Accept)

You may have to download and activate a component “Active X” that will alow us to visualize your screen.

This Windows shows that the connexion is done. You can cancel it at any moment clicking on “Annulation”.


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