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Appartment rental planning

Appartment rental planning

Several of our clients use PlanningPME in their daily management of appartment rental. We put at your disposal a similar planning so that you can see how other professionnal are organizing their work with PlanningPME.

About the resources, nothing really changes compared with a classic planning. You can display the different resources according to their services/activities and differentiate them by colours.

Then, the tasks are setted up according to your needs: maintenance, fixing, cleaning...

What becomes different in our client's case is that we defined that the best way they could manage the many structures they have was to adapt the planning: there, clients slot became the appartment slot. 


This way you can have an overview of all the tasks done or to do by appartments and know who did.

If this planning templates meets your requirements, feel free to contact us for more informations. Otherwise, give us a call so that we study together what would be the right configuration for your activity.

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