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All in one cloud planning solutions


Opt for an all-in one planning system! Nothing to download or install, full live access from anywhere at any time!

Are you looking for an easy-to-use and powerful solution to manage the schedule of your employees? Do you want to have access to your planning from anywhere, without worrying about the technical aspects?

PlanningPME Cloud-based is THE all-in-one planning solution

Save time, do not bother about technical issues  and opt for a cloud-based scheduling application!

What are the benefits?

The data included in your schedule are hosted on our secured servers. Therefore, no installation is required on your side and your IT  no longer need to manage your database. We also guarantee regular backups of your data and you can access technical support at any time through the annual maintenance support contract.

By coupling tools like PlanningPME, PlanningPME PlanningPME Web Access and Mobile, you can have access anytime and anywhere to your planning from any browser or mobile devices. Changes are made in real time on all your management tools and visible to all users.

For which example of use?

The team manager assigns appointments / tasks to his technicians and they are informed in real time of changes in the scheduler via the notifications from the application PlanningPME Mobile.

You assign shifts to your employees and they connect from any web browser to visualise their daily working hours.

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