Overview of our new web scheduling program

by cdeschamps September 27, 2013

New Look, New features!


PlanningPME Web Access has been completely redesigned for more ergonomy, fexbility and ease-of-use. 


Have a look at our presentation video: 


This online version will be released within one month. 



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Update PlanningPMEHTML

by cdeschamps July 3, 2009

How to update your visualisation planning tool PlanningPMEHTML ?

To update PlanningPMEHTML, here are the different steps:

- Rename the file PlanningPMEHTML.exe you are currently using with a name like: PLanningPMEHTML.old

- Download the file PlanningPMEHTML.exe from our website (If you are under support, you will receive an emailing informing you about a new version available on our ftp)

- Save this file on the same location as your file PlanningPMEHTML.old

Your update is now OK.

If you created a scheduled task, your HTML pages will be updated automatically as before.


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Planning application

by tgarnier May 19, 2009


Planning PME is the must-have planning application for windows. It allows to create quickly a planning and to share it with your colleagues on network.

Whatever your activity sector or use (technicians, training, vacation tracking), this planning application fits to your needs:

- Planning PME 2009
- Planning PME Web
- Planning PME HTML

With its fancy ergonomics whatever your Windows version, Planning PME will help you through your planning job as the reference among planning softwares.

Download the trial version of planning PME today.

Do not hesitate and ask for an online demo.

Scheduled task PlanningPMEHTML

by cdeschamps April 8, 2009

How to create a scheduled task to update HTML pages created from PlanningPMEHTML?

With our visualisation planning tool PlanningPMEHTML, you can create HTML views of the planning. Those HTML pages can be updated regularly automatically. How?

You just need to create a scheduled task with Planning PME that will launch the application PlanningPMEHTML.exe as often as you want.

First, go on the menu Start -> Control Panel -> Scheduled task


Then, select Add a scheduled task and select the program "PlanningPMEHTML.exe".


Select the frequency and the time you want to update your HTML pages.

You will then see your scheduled task on your list:

 So, your HTML pages for visualization will be updated automatically!

Videos of our products

by cdeschamps January 23, 2009

Do you want to have a quick view of our different solutions?

Then, just relax and click on the different links below to have a clear understanding of our different planning solutions:


Video 1: scheduling software PlanningPME
Video 2: add on for visualization PlanningPMEHTML
Video 3: online planning solution PlanningPME Web Access


Add-On PlanningPMEHTML

by cdeschamps January 21, 2009

The planning needs to be visualized by all your team but you do not want to buy licences for each employee?

PlanningPMEHTML is a visualisation tool complementary to PlanningPME.

PlanningPMEHTML generates views of the planning for each department on your network.

The visualization is unlimited and you only need to purchase one licence PlanningPMEHTML for your entire office.

You will need to do the settings only once via this kind of panel:


Your different views of the schedule will be updated daily via a scheduled task in Windows.

Then, this is the kind of planning your employees can visualize:


To know more, we kindly invite you to read this page:


 You will find in this page a video and some documentation.


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