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From excel to PlanningPME

Most of our customers use Excel planning to organize their activity. Excel is easy to use but has limits when you have a lot of things to schedule so that you loose the clear overview of your activity! It is time for you for change and use an other powerful tool : PlanningPME.


Take avantage of  PlaningPME in order to :

  • acurate the global view of your business 
  • share the information on your network
  • manage the activity of your human and material resources
  • manage the days off of your co workers
  • create several schedules at the same time


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Sql server installation

Sql server installation: Opt for a powerful database such as SQL Server!

In order to increase speed peformances, we invite you to install PlanningPME on a powerful database such as SQL Server instead of MS Access.


You will find on our SQL Server installation page all the information you need to install PlanningPME on SQL Server.

If you do not have a licence of SQL Server, you can always opt for SQL Server Express Edition that is free and easy to use.

Download your installation kit here : SQL_SERVER.ZIP

Example of string connexion:

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Software license

What is the software license principle?

How many licenses of the scheduling software PlanningPME do you need?

You need to buy one licence per user.

Licences are a one time fee. Only the support contract is an annual fee.

For example, you need to schedule 50 employees. 5 employees will make changes from the software interface and the others only need to view. So, you will need to buy 5 Licences of PlanningPME and the visualisation planning tool  PlanningPMEHTML.

While doing the registration of your licences PlanningPME, each computer need to be registered. You will need to have administration rights in order to proceed to the registration of your license PlanningPME.

Have a look at the General conditions of use of the Target Skills Software License.

Task management

You can increase the efficiency and productivity of your company using our task management software PlanningPME what will help you in your task management.

You can know at any time what your resources are working on, you can even make statistics on the worked hours.

Task assignment is just fast and intuitive as you can search for available resources and also have some warnings if you make booking mistakes.

task management

PlanningPME task scheduling software  provides an accurate global view of your activity and participates to events real time scheduling to improve your activity.

Wether you manage scheduled tasks or tasks completed, PlanningPME is the tool that will make your planning management efficient.

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Training software

Manage your courses easily with a good training software!

Do you need to manage your trainers and courses?

Do you need to have a good overview of the allocation of your trainings and resources?

Then, opt for our training software PlanningPME.

Some screens of our scheduling application:

- Trainers and rooms view:
training software resource view


- Courses / Classes view:
Training software courses view


Clients View:
Training software clients view

 Take benefits of training resources and planning education :

  • Avoid double booking
  • Import your list of resources and clients
  • Schedule your courses
  • Edit reports
  • Make statistics


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ERP Navision

Have a good planning tool integrated with your ERP Navision
Many companies know the problem of a simple, easy-to-use resource planning.

Often these companies work with wall-mounted planning boards or planning in Excel® and a lot of communication is necessary to get the right resource at the right job.

On the other hand, nowadays many companies work with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions to optimize their back-office procedures and to integrate their business processes in one integrated application.

Some partners offer worldwide those links between PlanningPME and NAV.

Combination of the best of both worlds:Planning software PlanningPME and ERP Planning Navision


TriPlan+ combines the best of both worlds: projects, resources, clients etc. from your NAV database can be planned efficiently in the easy-to-use and flexible scheduling software of PlanningPME

Because of the multi-user architecture, it is possible to work with multiple planners in real time so everyone is constantly up to date.

And for employees or external people who need to have access to the planning, we have the possibility to plan/view via internet.

To know more about this integration, have a look at our page on Navision integration.

PlanningPME can be easily integrated with other ERP softwares:

- Integration PlanningPME

- Object Model PlanningPME


Project planning

Manage your projects easily with our project planning software

Fed up with your Excel files or with complicated Project Management software?

With PlanningPME, facilitate your office project management.

Have a look at the example below:

Project Planning 

Take benefits of all those features within our project management software:
- Have a graphic and clear Gantt Chart
- Have access to several views: resources, tasks, clients and projects
- Avoid double booking
- Improve productivity
- Easy scheduling


More screen shots here:

Project View:

Client View:


Planning tools

Reduce cost and improve productivity opting for some good planning tools
Target Skills developed some planning tools in order to facilitate resources scheduling problems.
Leave your old Excel planning, save time and increase your productivity with our planning tools:
- Scheduling software PlanningPME
Informations Flash Demo Examples Handbook Prices
- Online planning tool PlanningPME Web Access

Informations Flash Demo Trial version User Guide Prices

These tools are compatible with an Outlook planning solution.


Resource Planning at a glance

Improve your productivity and save time with an efficient
resource planning software

Nowadays, resource planning proves to be one of the most important issues to deal with for business to be successful and act in a coherent fashion.

With the scheduling software PlanningPME, you can manage your resources easily.

Take benefits of those features:
- Groups your resources by department
- Display your human resources planning precisely
- Check the availability of your employees

Download the trial version of PlanningPME today.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.


To know more about resource planning within PlanningPME, read this pdf documentation:

Registration by file of your licences PlanningPME


Registration by file of your licences PlanningPME

You do not have an Internet connexion on your computer.

Target Skills will then send you a file to register your software licences.

Preveviously, you will need to give us the exact name of your computers.

You can have it from the menu ? -> About PlanningPME.

The name of your computer is underlined in blue as shown below.

This registration by file requires two steps:

. Step 1: Pre recording of the software

From PlanningPME, on each workstation, go to the menu « File » -> « Identification ». 


Enter your login and password provided by Target Skills.


Then, go to the menu « File » -> « Registration by file».


Select the file "PlanningPME.ts" provided by Target Skills.

A window tells you that your licence has been PRE registered.

You are then limited to 200 uses.

. Step 2: Final registration of your licences

At the receipt of your payment, we will send you a ".ts" file to give you unlimited access to PlanningPME. From each workstation, you will just need to go to  « File » -> « Registration by file» once more to register your licence definitely. You  will get this message "The licence has been registered".


NB: The login and the password are the same to register all your additional licences.

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New version with Outlook synchronisation

You need to improve the efficiency provided by Outlook planning? We invite you to evaluate our new version 2009 of PlanningPME. 

To answer your requirements, the planning software has been improved. 

Do not wait any longer and try our new version PlanningPME 2009. 

Discover those new features : 


  • Projects Management : Assign colours to your projects and manage the planning in function of your projects. 


Be the first to download this new version clicking on the following link:

NB : If you are already a client, do not download this trial version. You will receive an email soon with the update link. 

Your comments are welcome.

For any requests, contact us.

Our team is at your disposal.

Best Regards ,

Schedule easily
Tel : +33 (0)1 69 47 10 00
Fax : +33(0)1 69 44 11 81

Evolutions PlanningPME V4.0.2.60

Download the trial version of PlanningPME and have access to those new features: 





New Features


March 2009

- Outlook synchronisation: Synchronise your tasks and appointments automatically in a bidirectional way.
- Performances: Follow performances of PlanningPME
- Project function: Possibility to assign a colour, to hide a project…
- Separate Multi-resources tasks
- Task Description: Fields displayed are now adapted to each view
- But Also…: Departments creation, Selection Mode improved, Better visualisation of linked tasks via an icon. "

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Message You have exceeded the number of uses

 Message You have exceeded the number of uses



If you receive this error message, there are three possibilities:

1- You are on not a client yet and your trial version has expired. Contact us and we will extend your trial period.

2- You are a client and your licences are not paid yet. In that case, contact us and we will extend your number of uses until your licences are paid.

3- You are a client and you forgot to do the registration via Internet the second time. In that case, you just need to go to File -> Registration via Internet.


You will then get the message telling that the licence has been registered. Then, close PlanningPME and open it again. It should solve your problem.


To know more about licences management....

How to remove a licence on a computer and install it on another computer?

Manage several databases with PlanningPME


A simple setting of your shortcut PlanningPME will allow you to:
- Manage several schedules installed on different databases
- Pre-define the display with the different filters while opening the planning

1/ Manage several schedules on different databases
Right click on your shortcut of PlanningPME and select “Properties”.
Then, go to the tab “Shortcut” and specify on the field “Target” the database you would like to connect to
The syntax is the same for each database:
The indent [-] or [/] begins each command.
You can not use spaces. They must be replaced by %20
Details of the commands to launch a given database:
- base=[Connexion string]
- schema=[schema of the Oracle database]
- us=[0|1] Put 1 for a database in english
 - fr=[0|1] Put 1 for a database in French
 - oledb=[0|1] Put 1 for a database SQL Server, MySQl or Oracle

Illustration with some examples:

1.1              MS Access

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" C:\Program%20Files\Target%20Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.pp

1.2              Sql Server 

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" -base=Provider=sqloledb;Data%20Source=[name of the server];Database=[name of the database];Uid=[user Sql];Pwd=[password user sql] -oledb=1


"P:\Informatique\Versions\Béta V4.0.2.0\PlanningPME_REF\Vente\PlanningPME.exe" -base=Provider=sqloledb;Data%20Source=srv-sgbd;Initial%20Catalog=test10;User%20Id=ppme;Password=planning -oledb=1

srv-sgbd           =          Name of the server
test10               =          Name of the database
ppme                =          User SQL
planning            =          Password of the user SQL

1.3              My Sql

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" -base=Provider=MSDASQL;DRIVER={MySQL%20ODBC%203.51%20Driver};Server=[name of the server or IP Address];Port=3306;Option=16384;Stmt=;Database=[name of the database];Uid=[user my sql];Pwd=[Password user my sql] -oledb=1

1.4              Oracle

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" /base=Driver={Oracle%20dans%20OraHome92};DBQ=[name of the database]];UID=[name of the user];PWD=[user password]/oledb=1 /schema=[name of the scheme.] /us=1

2/ Pre-define the display of the planning

You can select some filters of the planning directly.Here are some commands:

-date=[date while opening the planning]
-planning=[type of planning]

For example, this example below will diplays the planning on the 01/01/2009 for the department « Administration » in a monthly view and the resource view.

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe"
/date=1/1/2009 /filter=Administration/planning=Monthly

Zoom on periodical tasks

  Save time creating periodical tasks. The function “Recurrence” will help you manage task assignement monthly meeting, yearly appointments…

1. Creation of periodical tasks

When creating a task, in the window “Task”, click on the button “Recurrence”.

 Then, the following window appears:

You can select to create a weekly task, monthly...

On the planning board, the symbol will show you that a task is periodical:

2. Get tasks off the recurrence

You will first need to take the task off the recurrence before modifying it. You have two choices:

- Modification one by one with a right click on the task


- Modification of several tasks with a right click on the resource

3. Modification of periodical tasks

You can then modify the tasks and assign them to other resources or delete them. 

Fill in an additional fields of the type Choice with existing data

Fill in an additional fields of the type Choice with existing data

In PlanningPME, you have the possibility to add additional fields of the type Choice in the Tasks, Clients, Projects and Resources windows.


PlanningPME put at your disposal a field of the type "Choice" that appears as a combo box. The list of values can be filled in PlanningPME in the box "Values" or it can be fed by a script while opening PlanningPME.

Here is an example:

'Register PlanningPME.dll before -> c:\windows\system32\regsvr32 PlanningPME.dll

Set ppme = CreateObject("PlanningPME.Application")
ppme.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.pp"

set dfs = ppme.GetDataFields(84) ' PpTask1

for i=0 to dfs.Count()

   if dts.Item(i).Field = "MYCHOICE" then

      dts.Item(i).Data = "Item1" & vbCrLf  & "Item2" & vbCrLf  & "Item3"

   end if

next i 

You just need to register this script with the extension .vbs and put it in the settings while launching PlanningPME (Menu Tools -> Options -> Integration) as shown below:


If you want to feed the values from an external database, you can open your own connexion and to browse the elements to add them...or just ask us for an integration.

Remove the licence and activate it on another workstation

Remove the licence and activate it on another workstation

Before uninstalling PlanningPME from any workstation, it is mandatory to delete the software licence, in order to be able to re-use it on another computer.

1 - Delete the PlanningPME licence of an existing computer still active

You can delete the licence on your own. Open PlanningPME and go to the menu File -> Delete the licence. 


The name of your computer will then be removed from the list of registered computers we have for your company.

You can now register your licence again on a new computer.


2 - Delete the licence of a non active workstation

If your workstation is out of order and you cannot access to PlanningPME to delete the licence, you may want to temporarily rename the new computer so that its name matches exactly the name of the unavailable computer (Here in our example: TS-LAETITIA. See Chapter I). To change the name of your new workstation, you just need to "Start" the Windows® menu, select "Control Panel" then "System" then the tab "Computer Name" and click on "Change"

Once your workstation has got a new name, you can open PlanningPME, go to the menu File -> Delete the licence. 

When the licence is successfully deleted, you can change the name of your computer back to the previous one, and register your version of PlanningPME using File ->Registration via Internet

Registration of the licences PlanningPME

Registration of the licences PlanningPME

Once the installation done, you must register PlanningPME on each workstation. It is mandatory to register the software licences on each workstation with the same login and password. The registration of the licences requires two steps:

Step 1: Pre recording of the software

1- Open PlanningPME

2- Go to the Menu File -> Identification 














 3- Enter your login and your password. (The login and the password are the same for all your licences)and press "OK










4- Then, go to the menu File -> Registration via Internet 













5- You have the message: The licence has been pre-registered. You are then limited to 200 uses. 

 Step2: Final registration of your licences

At the receipt of your payment, we will send you an e-mail to give you unlimited access to PlanningPME. From each workstation, you will just need to go to "File" -> "Registration via Internet" once again to register your licence definitely. You will get the message: The licence has been registered.



You now have unlimited access to your planning. Licences are a one time fee. Only the support contract is a yearly cost.


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