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Garage planning


Software for garage planning

Manage your technicians, your maintenance tasks, your cars rentals with an accurate garage planning software.

Many clients such as Mercedes or BMW car dealers already use PlanningPME to manage their garage.

Have a look at our garage planning example below:

- Human and material resources view ( Cars and technicians)

- Clients view

And have access to those features:

- Assign several jobs to a technician on the same day
- Control your car rentals
- Avoid double booking
- Book your appointment
- Create reports and statistics

Try our garage planning example today! How?

1- Download the trial version of PlanningPME

2- Download the garage schedule example

Cleaning schedule

It is always a tough work to create a planning to manage the cleaning activity of all your employees.

Manage recurrent jobs, holidays, illness, part-time and all non expected events of your employees current life is never an easy task.

Change your complex and boring Excel planning and choose an easy-to-use planning software.

Have a look at our cleaning planning example below:

cleaning schedule

And have access to those features:

- Manage your employees tasks
- Plan their daily jobs
- Create specific contracts
- Manage recurring bookings
- Avoid double booking

Try our cleaning planning example today! How?

1- Download the trial version of PlanningPME

2- Download the cleaning schedule example

Planning application


Planning PME is the must-have planning application for windows. It allows to create quickly a planning and to share it with your colleagues on network.

Whatever your activity sector or use (technicians, training, vacation tracking), this planning application fits to your needs:

- Planning PME 2009
- Planning PME Web
- Planning PME HTML

With its fancy ergonomics whatever your Windows version, Planning PME will help you through your planning job as the reference among planning softwares.

Download the trial version of planning PME today.

Do not hesitate and ask for an online demo.

Calendar reminder


How to activate a calendar reminder within PlanningPME?

Instead of having a drop down menu like in Outlook to activate an alarm before the beginning of a task, you can activate a reminder via a calendar.

- Standard reminder in PlanningPME: Activation of the alarm before the beginning of the task as in Outlook ( 15 minutes, 1 h or more)


- Activation of the option to have a calendar reminder

Go to the menu Tools -> Options and select "Task reminder using a date"


- The reminder is now a calendar where you can select a date and time at your convenance

calendar reminder

- Visualisation of the reminder message you get

reminder message

Technician software

Technicians management can be highly improved with a good technician software that help you schedule jobs and appointments easily.

Lots of companies like Tetra Pak, Skyguide, Agie Charmilles and also SME's trust in the technician scheduling software PlanningPME.

Plan the maintenance of your technicians to your clients sites.

Import your clients database directly in the software and save time.

Improve your productivity thanks to a good and precise overview of your activity.

Visualize not only your technicians planning but also their tasks, vacations and availability.

Looking for a technician software? Have a look at our technicians management example and contact Target Skills for any information or a demo on our scheduling tools.

Meeting planning


Planning PME is a software designed for people that need to have an effective meeting planning. In effect, you will be able to manage efficiently your meetings avoidng double booking and shifting your appointments easily.

This appointment scheduling software allows you to see clearly your daily/weekly/monthly schedule.

Moreover, Planning PME WebAccess, its web designed version, grants you a permanent access to your business planning (you just need to have an Internet connexion and an interface that allows Web Pages as SmartPhones or Pocket PC).

Your team can keep in touch with an updated planning wherever they are.


Download the trial version of planning PME today.

Do not hesitate and ask for an online demo.



Business planning


It's not the plan that is important, it's the planning.”

Dr Graeme Edwards

Because time is money, you might want to optimise your human resources management. Planning PME is designed to help you carrying out your business planning and client management. Whatever the size of your company, Planning PME enables you to plan your whole activity simply and precisely (eg. meeting planning, room booking...). It even fits your needs if you are looking for a planning software to complete your business plan software.

Whether you want to manage simple meeting agenda or a whole department planning, Planning PME allows you to get the step ahead that shows your professionalism.

Download the trial version of planning PME today.

Do not hesitate and ask for an online demo.

Extend trial

Would you like to have more uses of PlanningPME

in order to go on with your tests?

If you still don't know wether to buy software license or not, you can extend the trial. First, contact Target Skills and we will give you a login and a password.

Then, follow this process below in order to have 30 more uses for the application PlanningPME.

1- Open PlanningPME
2- Go to the Menu File -> Identification

3- Enter the login and the password provided by Target Skills and press "OK

4- Then, go to the menu File -> Registration via Internet

5- You have the message saying that your counter is back to zero.

6- Close the application and open it again: Your planning is back!

NB: all the information you fill will be saved and you will be able to use the same schedule if you decide to purchase PlanningPME. So, do not hesitate to enter your real data.

Clients Data Import

Do you want to import and update all your clients easily from your Excel file into PlanningPME?

Save time in client management by importing all your clients data in our planning tool PlanningPME.

You can import your clients from any Excel file into PlanningPME via the menu File -> Import -> Clients.

The Excel file should look like the one below:


Make sure one line represents one client.

Then, save your Excel file as a text file with Tab delimited:


Then, go to the menu File -> Import Clients and select your Txt file with the arrow at the top of the window.

Then, associate the different fields.


Click on the button "Import".

All your clients will then be imported on the menu Data -> Client of PlanningPME.


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Employee scheduling software

The number of employees working in your company is growing and you need now a powerfull tool to organize your activity.

PlanningPME, an employee scheduling software, will help you to manage your human resources management.

In just some clicks you know what your employees are working on.

You can filter by departments in order to have a clearer overview of your activity.



Opt for our scheduling software to manage your activity.

Appointment scheduling software


Schedule your appointments in just some clicks!

Download our free trial version of our appointment scheduling software PlanningPME and follow this course to schedule your appointments.

1- Create an appointment

Draw a rectangle directly on the planning board or right click with your mouse.

The following window appears.

Select the task, the date and time and save your setting.

Then, your new appointment will be created:

2- Shift or Postpone an appointment

Just select it and drag and drop it:

It will then be assigned to another resource:

3- Delete an appointment

Just select it, right click and select delete:

4- Go further with our scheduling software

There are plenty of functions that will save a lot of time: Lock your tasks, creating recurring bookings, synchronize your appointment with Outlook...

Maintenance planning

Schedule your technicians easily with our maintenance planning software PlanningPME

1- Technicians view of the planning

You can easily manage the schedule of your technicians with PlanningPME: Appointments in site for installation, revision, repair puposes.

You can also check in advance who is available or not to complete a job.

2- Clients view of the planning

Have also a view of the clients planning:


You also have the possibility to import all your clients list to save some time. 

3- View of all the jobs allocated


Contact us to know more about the best way to set up your planning.

Change Language

Change the language in PlanningPME

You have our scheduling software PlanningPME displayed in French and you would like to have it in your own language?

You can change the language of the software PlanningPME easily in just some clicks.

To do so, go to the menu "Outils" -> "Langue"

Then, select your language from the list. You can select: French, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian...

Then, the interface of PlanningPME will change immediately.

For example, in Swedish:


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Planning department creation with PlanningPME

You have a lot of resources to manage in your company and you don't want to display them all at the same time on your screen because it would be unreadable? The solution for your business planning is Planning department creation with PlanningPME

With PlanningPME, you can create easily departments in order to have a better overview of your activity and extract the Planning for each department from your overall schedule


First create your department in Date -> Department

Following window appears :

Enter the name of your departments clicking on add and select directly from this window the resources belonging to this department


In the department window you can now the your departments and the number of resources in each department



Then, you can display on your screen one department for a better overview clicking on the combo box in the menu bar and selecting the department you want to appear on your screen.


Only the resources of this department will be displayed

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Office project management

You are overworked and don't know anymore how to handle with your office project management.

PlanningPME will help you to schedule your projects easily thanks its powerful office project management tool : at a glance you can see the activity of your resources and set priorities to the tasks to be done.

You will then save time and have a better overview of the urgent project to complete.

To manage task dependencies and priorities,  link your tasks easily within PlanningPME.

You will find a video here.

A free trial is available on our web site as well as examples according your needs.


Script visual basic

Synchronize your data via Visual Basic Scripts developed by Target Skills

Do you want to avoid typing all your data on resources, clients, tasks and projects?

Then, ask Target Skills for some specific developments or integration in order to save time.

Examples of integration via Visual Basic scripts:

Visual Basic Script

A lot of possibilities of Import and synchronisation for those fields:

- Resources

- Clients

- Tasks

- Projects





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Schedule planning

You need to organize the activity of your staff in order to improve your rentability.

Furthermore, you want to have a clear overview of the work to be done. The scheduling software PlanningPME is the tool you are looking for. It will help you in your daily activity thanks its powerful functions .


Easy to use, you can manage the numbers of worked hours and the days off for each resource with this schedule planning in just some clics



You can easily change the view to diplay precise information wether you prefer a daily schedule or a weekly schedule or more, up to one year overview.

Project management software

You need a tool to schedule your projects. It must be easy to use but at the same time powerful...

Do not hesitate and try the free trial version of our Project management Software PlanningPME !

You can in just one clic find qualified resources for specific projects.

You can even download a predifine example to give you a hint of the advantages of using PlanningPME!










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