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Filter your planning data even more easily

Filter your planning data even more easily


Filters are essential in a efficient visual planning tool: to highlight jobs to be done, filters on departments, customers, type of job represent a key feature.

Today, filters have been greatly improve within PlanningPME. Selection is much easier including a search zone to find data rapidly. Selection removal can also be done via a just a click on a new red icon.


Watch this video to know more about filters:




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Target Skills rewards his 3500th client

After 12 years creation, Target Skills gets over 3500 clients!


Since many years the company Target Skills keeps growing developing and commercializing its tools for planning management and scheduling. Dedicated to a professional clientele of diversified business sectors, the products range PlanningPME is evolving to answer the best clients requirements.

Today Target Skills is proud to go over the stage of 3500 customers with the company REEL, an independent firm who builds, installs and maintains complex systems. This society was on the search for a planning tool allowing to manage intervention, presences, vacations or training too.

To celebrate this event, Target Skills has decided to congratulate his 3500th clients rewarding a 5 access to the mobile version of PlanningPME during one year. This application is now available on smartphones and tablets (compatible with android systems and IOS). It will allow client to get profit of a full mobility and unlimited access to the planning.

Would you like to integrate the users circle of PlanningPME?

Don’t hesitate to contact us or consult the testimonies of our clients to discover what are the daily uses of PlanningPME and how to optimize the personal management, appointments, vacations, projects and trainings etc.

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The new version of PlanningPME is now available

Check the new features of PlanningPME version 4.3


The new demo version of PlanningPME is now available on our website. Don’t wait anymore to download the free demo version of our planning software.

Careful: if you are already a client don’t download this demo version.

Here is an overview of the last released features:

1/ Offline mode

This new feature allows you to keep on working on your planning in offline mode. Even if you are not connected to your enterprise network, you will be able to create/ modify tasks or unavailabilities on the planning. When you will reconnect to the network, task and unavailabilities will be synchronized an scheduling conflicts will be managed. This new feature requires the use of a SQL Server database.


2/ Dimensions

Thanks to dimensions, you can integrate into the planning all complementary data you need under a list format. For instance, you will be able to add the list of equipments of your company and assign it to an employee, to add a list of attendees to training or even to add detailed steps of a project.


To access on the complete list of the new features developed on PlanningPME,consult the page dedicated to the evolutions of planning.
Ask for an Audit regarding your requirements and let's improve your planning setting together to see how PlanningPME can answer your needs.


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Annual Resellers meeting 2014

The traditional meeting dedicated to our international retailers PlanningPME took place on Thursday the 15th of May 2014.

This annual meeting is always a good opportunity to meet our distributors coming from different countries and share with them their experiences and knowledge regarding customers and support management.
We also discussed the Road Map for this year and all new features coming next week like the Offline Mode, the dimensions and expected features for our web based scheduler PlanningPME Web Access.

Thank you very much for your participation and contribution towards this annual meeting :

- Sascha Dengel from Dengel IT-Solutions, Germany

- Enrique Colomer from KONOGES, Spain

- Isabelle Bievelez, Philip Tondeleir and Niels Dewilde from bITss, Belgium

- Jerry Loos and David Van Oudhensden from PlanningPME Nederlands, The Netherlands

- Salim Guerraoui from CapOne, Morocco


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New version with real time indicators

In order to continually improve PlanningPME, new features are regularly added to your scheduling software.

Do not miss the latest evolutions available in our last version:

-> Create customised data on the main tab: You want to customize the appearance of the General tab windows tasks, clients and / or resources?

Now it is possible, through the creation of additional fields that will be displayed directly on this tab.


-> Organize your resources displayed on the screen: At any time, you can change the order of your resources on your screen with a simple drag / drop


 -> Quickview of extra fields into a new colum: Now you can view the contents of additional fields in a new column planning resources for views, clients and projects.The uses of these new columns are multiple next to the name of your resource, specify a department, badge number, date of birth ... or next to your project, for example a date display Butoire delivery.


-> History / Tracking improved: With PlanningPME, you can go further and access to the complete history of all creations, modifications and deletions of resources, customers and projects.




Coming soon: indicators

The new feature of PlanningPME will be real-time data monitors that can be displayed horizontally or vertically.

It is a quicker way to monitor the occupation and completion of the tasks, as well as the workload of your employees. You can also measure the use of the material resources or how many occurences of a task is done over a day, a week, or a month.

Here is a Vertical style count of hours :

and here is a horizontal type indicator :

Follow us during Fall/Autumn 2012 for the new trial version!

The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value

Behind this farfetched message lies only a date format incompatibility with the database. It is also possible that you got this message in french:

To bypass this blocking message, you will need, depending on the database type you use and depending on the language settings you have on your computer, to create an entry in your registry:

First open your Windows Registry and find the folder:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Target Skills\PLanningPME] or [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Target Skills\PLanningPME] if you are using a 64bits operating system. 

The create a New -> DWORD 32 bits.

If you use a MS Access database :  
name this DWORD 'FR' and set its value to '1' (0x00000001)

If you use a SQL Server database :  
name this DWORD 'US' and set its value to '1' (0x00000001)

Then close and reopen PlanningPME.

If you still have this message after doing these modifications, feel free to contact us.

Why should I opt for a SQL database ?

As we keep on developing new applications for new platforms and environments, we always make sure that our applications are compatible with a SQL database.

Why do we make this choice?

In application with PlanningPME, in terms of data protection, data security, performances and compatibility, a SQL database tops all systems. This is why all our applications can be bound to a SQL Server / SQL database.

Advantages of owning a SQL database with PlanningPME :

- More than 10 planners can use the schedule at the same time. Even if you need more people to access the schedule simultaneously, PlanningPME and SQL can manage all these concurrent accesses.
- SQL processes a very large amount of data very quickly. Your database can grow bigger and bigger, the performances remain the same.
- No extra migration cost (850€) if you need to use PlanningPME Web Access or PlanningPME Mobile. All the databases we host for our customers are SQL databases.

Drawbacks of the SQL system:

- Small delay after any operation on the database : creation, deletion of a task etc... (<1s)
- Database maintenance required, and SQL knowledge required for the technicians
- The database is not accessible via a single file, but by a connection string, or a customized shortcut

However, you might already have a defined data environment within your company. This is why PlanningPME is compatible with all these database types.

Maintenance management

PlanningPME is particularly well-adapted for maintenance management

You can easily assign the right technicians to do the right job like installation, preventive or corrective maintenance, training at the right time. Have access to a good overview of all your planning of your technicians on your different regions.

Maintenance management software

Some of the benefits:

  • Reduce time doing your planning: PlanningPME will enable you to manage your preventive maintenance easily via recurrents tasks and reminders.
  • Eliminate paperwork: PlanningPME allow your engineers to visualise the schedule from anywhere via the web. They are informed on real time of the last updated records on clients, jobs to perform, equipments to work on.
  • Improve inventory management: PlanningPME keep track of all the maintenance jobs done and you can find easily past and future assets. Also, follow all the operations done on all equipments, clients on a large time scale.

Documentation updated

Our manual and individual functions cards are now updated with the last updates of version 4.0.3. Wether you need to manage your employees, clients or projects, all you need to know is now available.

 You can have access to all our documentation here:

If ever you do not feel like reading all 300 pages of our user guide, you can read only specific topics. You will find below a brief description of each card:

Card 1: Resources Management

You can create as many human and material resources as you want. For each resource, you can specify a different profile, a contract and assign them skills. Also, learn how to optimise the schedule thanks to the resource of the type "To Plan".

Card 2: Tasks management

Learn how to create tasks for one or several resources. You can also customise the fields and colors displayed on the screen, lock your tasks, have a tracking for each task and know who created it and modified it.

Card 3: Options that you can activate within the tasks window

More options are also available while creating a task. You can activate the tasks dependencies, activate clients management. You can also have the percentage of assignment displayed or also a reminder.

Card 4: Skills management

You can add your own skills and assign them to resouces. Then, you find search for skilled resources to complete a job.

Card 5: Clients management

Import your list of clients and assign a client to a job. Have also access to the client view and diplay tasks for specific clients.

Card 6: Vacations and unavailabilities

Track days off of your employees and visualize at a glance who is not in the office. Manage also public holidays.

Card 7: All filters available

Lots of filters can be used in order to display only precise information: display only resources that complete one particular job, change the view and display your appointments on a map, visualise all your clients, projects.

 Read more about our functions cards 8 to 16 on our next post.

Evolutions version 4.0.3.

As always, from our clients requests, new features are developed in order PlanningPME to suit your requirements better.

Save time with all those new features: 

  Agenda View: New views like in Outlook calendar.
Display of the planning improved New icons, new drop down list to change the view

Filter of the planning by resource: A new filter allows you to filter the planning per resource

Number of visible lines on the planning board From the menu Depuis le menu Tools -> Options -> View, select the number of lines you want to display on the screen. This setting is now customised per user.

List View: New view with the listing of all your tasks on the period of time displayed.

 Evolutions PlanningPME:

 And also...


PlanningPME Web Access was also improved with our new feature Mobile Phone: 

Count extra time

PlanningPME is constantly improved thanks to our clients suggestions.

As time tracking is really important for any company and in order to suit all kind of business, a new function has been added: You can now count extra hours when your employees work over the week end or on public holidays.

First activate the option from the menu Tools -> Options -> User:


Illustration of this function via an example:

If the option is not activated, the software do not count time even if Paul work on Saturday:

If the option is activated, the software will count 8 hour on saturday.

So, wether you want to count hours during special days as week-end and public holidays, you can adpat the software and have correct time reports.

For business as hospitals, industries, this function can be useful.

Read this post in order to know more about workload management.

Map View visualize your appointments on a map

You can now visualize your interventions and appointments on a map!

From data filled in each client card in PlanningPME, visualize your interventions on a Map.
To see your appointments on a map, go to the menu View -> View –> Map View or select the icon on the icons bar as shown below:

On the tool tip, the information shown are the ones you selected from Data -> Description  -> Tooltip.

Then, you will see your tasks on the map:

To go back to the resource view, just click on one of the icon of the resource view.

Want to know more about PlanningPME releases?

Have a look at the evolutions of PlanningPME, version 4.0.3.


Force task creation

Force the creation of a task even if the resource is not skilled

You can now force the creation of a task even if the resource is not skilled.
You will have this kind of message: "Do you want to force this task even if the skills are not respected?"

And you will have the two choices:

-> Yes or No

If you select "Yes", the task will be created even if the resource is not skilled.

If you select "No", the task will not be create.

NB: If you are already a client and that you are using the users rights, this feature will not be activated by default so that the users will not have this permission.  To activate it, go to the menu Data -> Group and tick on the box “Force skill”.

Want to know more about PlanningPME releases?

Have a look at the evolutions of PlanningPME, version 4.0.3.



Creation Mode

Selection and Creation Mode

These modes have been designed to make tasks management easier.

Creation mode

This mode allows you to create tasks on the schedule drawing a rectangle or double clicking.

Selection Mode

This mode allows you to select several tasks at the same time and to move them on the scale time.

By default, you are in a creation mode. For the selection mode, right click on your mouse and choose "Selection Mode".     
You can select several tasks at the same time drawing a rectangle grouping several tasks or selecting them one by one with the touch CTRL pressed on.
Move you tasks along the scale time, dragging one of the selected tasks.
In this example, 3 tasks were moved to the next day at the same time.

If you made a mistake, you can cancel the last operation pressing the keys CTRL + Z.
You can also delete several tasks proceeding the same way or paste several tasks.

Careful: In the "Task",  "Client" or "Project" view, you can move your tasks along the time axis but not along the y-axis.
To be back to the creation mode, right click on the schedule and choose "Creation Mode".

Lock Task

How to lock task on the planning?

You can lock your tasks by two different ways:

  • You can forbid creation and modification of tasks prior to the present day;
  • Tasks can be locked one by one.

Forbid creation and modification of tasks prior to the current date
From PlanningPME, go to the menu “Tools” -> “Options…”

On the tab « General », the following window appears:

Ticking on this box, past tasks to the current date will not be allowed to be modified.
Task locking

You can fix some tasks in order no one to modify them without your agreement.
First of all, to have access to this option, you must enter the schedule with users rights.

Then, double clicking on the locked task, you will see the name of the user who locked the task. Here, David.

Only the person responsible for the locking or the administrator will be authorized to unlock the task selecting “unlock”.

Isn't tasks management easier now?

Task time

How to assign a duration to the task in hours or days?

When you affect a length to a task, PlanningPME will calculate cleverly the ending date taking into account your resources slots : slots and non working days. You can also indicate a break.
How to use task time feature?

First of all, create a task on your schedule. The “task” window then appears.

Careful! A task with a duration can only be assigned to one resource.
NB: Ticking on "All day" you can enter a length in days.
Ticking off "All day" you can enter a length in hours.

Let's see this task management feature with a practical example

We are going to assign a 4 days length task to the resource « Pedro ».

PlanningPME is going to take into account non-worked days such as Saturday and Sunday on this example. So, the task will end the 9th of August!


This function is interesting when you know the length of your task but not the ending date.

Task status

Assignment of a task status or category

For each single task created on your schedule, you can assign a category.

As an example, you can tell whether a task is important or not, if a booking is confirmed or not...
Then, you can filter the schedule to have tasks of a certain category displayed.

How to create a new category?
From PlanningPME, go to the menu "Data" -> Task category"

The “Task Category” window appears.
To add a status, type a label, then select the text and background colors and press the button  “Add”.
You can also select hatching for the category.

task status

NB: Each task created on the planning will be by default of the first category of the list.  For example, “Not Confirmed” in the example below.

If you have added some hatchings to your category, you will see them directly on the planning:
Here, you have a double information: The yellow color is the color selected for the label “training” and the green horizontal lines represent the category of this task.


How to assign a category to a task?

Just select it from the drop down list chile creating a task:


How to filter the planning underlining the task status?

You have a filter at the right top side of the planning board:


How to have the colors displayed on the schedule with this category?

You can display tasks in function of the color of the category on the screen from the menu "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Task".


The color of the task will then be the color of the category of the task.


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Task list

How to define a task list and have a drop down list

while creating a task?

While creating a task on the planning, you can either type it or select it from a list as shown below.

Task list

How to have a predefined list of tasks?

From PlanningPME, go to the menu “Data” -> “Task”. The windows below appears.

From here, you can find all the labels already created. You can add new labels, delete some and really customize fully the scheduling software PlanningPME with your own words.

Then, you have several options available to customize your tasks.
-    Change the text and background colors
-    Assign skills:  "Skills" button
-    Assign hours: "Hours"

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Tasks management

Tasks management within our scheduling software

A task can be a booking, a training, an installation or any mission you need to assign to your employees. They are represented by a coloured box on the planning board. You can create as many tasks as needed and really customize the planning with your own data and jobs specific to your activity.

Find out more below about the features you will benefit from our planning software PlanningPME:

- Task setting: How to create a task on the schedule?

- Recurring task: How to create a recurring task?

- Task list: How to define a list of tasks and have a drop down list while creating a task?

- Task allocation: How to create a task for one or more available resources?

- Task status: Assign some status or categories to your tasks and filter the planning underlining this parameter.

- Task time: Assign a duration or a time slot to your tasks in order to save time while creating your schedule

- Lock task: How to lock a task on the planning?

- Creation Mode: How to switch from the creation mode to the selection mode?

- Task Tracking: How to track the tasks knowing who created or modified it?