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The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value

Behind this farfetched message lies only a date format incompatibility with the database. It is also possible that you got this message in french:

To bypass this blocking message, you will need, depending on the database type you use and depending on the language settings you have on your computer, to create an entry in your registry:

First open your Windows Registry and find the folder:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Target Skills\PLanningPME] or [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Target Skills\PLanningPME] if you are using a 64bits operating system. 

The create a New -> DWORD 32 bits.

If you use a MS Access database :  
name this DWORD 'FR' and set its value to '1' (0x00000001)

If you use a SQL Server database :  
name this DWORD 'US' and set its value to '1' (0x00000001)

Then close and reopen PlanningPME.

If you still have this message after doing these modifications, feel free to contact us.

Why should I opt for a SQL database ?

As we keep on developing new applications for new platforms and environments, we always make sure that our applications are compatible with a SQL database.

Why do we make this choice?

In application with PlanningPME, in terms of data protection, data security, performances and compatibility, a SQL database tops all systems. This is why all our applications can be bound to a SQL Server / SQL database.

Advantages of owning a SQL database with PlanningPME :

- More than 10 planners can use the schedule at the same time. Even if you need more people to access the schedule simultaneously, PlanningPME and SQL can manage all these concurrent accesses.
- SQL processes a very large amount of data very quickly. Your database can grow bigger and bigger, the performances remain the same.
- No extra migration cost (850€) if you need to use PlanningPME Web Access or PlanningPME Mobile. All the databases we host for our customers are SQL databases.

Drawbacks of the SQL system:

- Small delay after any operation on the database : creation, deletion of a task etc... (<1s)
- Database maintenance required, and SQL knowledge required for the technicians
- The database is not accessible via a single file, but by a connection string, or a customized shortcut

However, you might already have a defined data environment within your company. This is why PlanningPME is compatible with all these database types.

Installation on Windows 64 bits

PlanningPME can run on Windows 64 bits but you will just need to make some changes on the registry.

 Follow the procedure below:

 - Go to the menu Start -> Run

- Type "Regedit"

- Go to the folder HKEY LOCAL MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> wow6432node and create the folders: Target Skills -> PlanningPME

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\wow6432node\Target Skills\PlanningPME]

Then, create the new string value named "base" and specify the location of your database.

By default, the database should be located here:

C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.pp

Then, the installation of PlanningPME should work properly.

Feel free to contact our support team for any questions: +33 (0)1 69 47 10 00

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PlanningPME Server Version

Requested by our clients and partners, Target Skills is pleased to present a version adapted to Citrix server and Terminal Server (TSE)

PlanningPME Server Version

For our clients on Terminal Server or Citrix, we highly advise you to take profit of this new version:

- Better response time

- Graphical improvement

- Better navigation in the planning

Contact Target Skills in order to update your version with this new one if you are on Citrix or Terminal server.

 NB: From the 1st of May 2010, only PlanningPME Server Version will be compatible with your licences PlanningPME installed on Citrix or terminal Server.

Update PlanningPME easily

To update your version of your planning software PlanningPME, you first need to download the update file from our website. You will receive an email with a link to download our resource scheduling software PlanningPME each time a new version is launched.

Then, you need to know how the installation of PlanningPME was done:

- 1st case: PlanningPME is installed on each computer: The update file will then need to be executed on each PC. This solution can be a good solution as it will speed your connection to the planning if the server is not local. But it also means that it can take a long time to update all PC's depending on your number of licences. So, if you have a local server, better is to have the software installed only on the server.

- 2nd case: PlanningPME is installed on the server and you create a shortcut of the exe file on each client machine: the update file needs to be executed only once on the server.

So, we highly recommend the 2nd installation.

If ever you need to have the software installed on your local computer to speed up the connection to the planning, then, to update your version in an optimal way, here is our suggestion: You can create a script that, when opening PlanningPME,  copy all the files in the folder "PlanningPME" (Exe file + dll) from a shared folder where you will copy the last version  of PlanningPME to the local machine C -> Program Files -> Target Skills -> PlanningPME.

Then, you are sure that each user will have the last version of PlanningPME installed locally on his machine.


If ever you need to do a migration of the database, make sure that all users are disconnected to the database.



Network Management Software

Share the information with your colleagues thanks to a good network management scheduling software

You can network the program PlanningPME in order to share the information on real time. Any modifications will appear on your planning board on real time.

The number of users is not limited. For a better and faster connection, SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle will work better than MS Access.

1- Network the management software PlanningPME

You just need to save the database on your network or on a shared folder.

Then, to know more about the way to install PlanningPME on your network, have a look at this installation page.

Network management software

2- Benefits of a networked software

-> Have access to real time scheduling

-> Save time

-> Improve your productivity

-> Avoid double booking mistakes

Location of the database in Windows Vista

Location of the database in Windows Vista

Where is my MS Access database (pp file) in Windows Vista?

PlanningPME is working on Windows vista, Windows XP and older version.

Here is how the planning will look like after this installation:

You are trying to copy your planning (PlanningPME.pp) and you can not find it? Some files are hidden in Windows Vista.

Here is the location of the database:

C:\Users\%User%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\PlanningPME

The database is on the "user" folder.


Sql server installation

Sql server installation: Opt for a powerful database such as SQL Server!

In order to increase speed peformances, we invite you to install PlanningPME on a powerful database such as SQL Server instead of MS Access.


You will find on our SQL Server installation page all the information you need to install PlanningPME on SQL Server.

If you do not have a licence of SQL Server, you can always opt for SQL Server Express Edition that is free and easy to use.

Download your installation kit here : SQL_SERVER.ZIP

Example of string connexion:

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PlanningPME - Installation database Access

PlanningPME - Installation database Access

1) Choose the server

- Create a PlanningPME folder on the server
- Share this folder in reading and writing
- Copy the file PlanningPME.pp on this folder

2) Installation of the software: 2 choices
1st choice: Install PlanningPME on the server and create a shortcut of the file PlanningPME.exe on each computer.
2nd choice: Install PlanningPME on each computer.
Installing PlanningPME according to the first choice, installing the future updates will be much easier.

3) Indicate the location of the database on each computer

Go to the menu File -> Location and precise the location of the database PlanningPME.pp

For reasons of performances, we advise you to map a network drive on the network path of the server and to precise this drive on the location of the database instead of the entire network path.
Example : the network path \\Server\PlanningPME is affected with letter P:


4) Validate the locks

Go to the directory "Tools" -> "Options" and select the tab "network".
Selecting the box "Network the program and control task modification by blocking simultaneous use", you can lock a task while using it in order no one to modify it.

Is your installation done?

Multibase Installation PlanningPME

  Multibase Installation PlanningPME

The installation of PlanningPME can be done on different databases such as MS Access, SQL Server, My-SQL, Oracle.
You can download the installation scripts from our website.



  Operating system : Microsoft® Windows® 98, Me, 2000, NT 4, XP, Vista
  Database : Access - SQL-Server - MySQL - Oracle
  Computer/Processor : Pentium 200 Mhz or superior version
  Memory : 32 Mo RAM
  Disk space : 10 Mo available for installation
  Installation : More information on planning installation