Coming soon: indicators

by jbouquet July 31, 2012

The new feature of PlanningPME will be real-time data monitors that can be displayed horizontally or vertically.

It is a quicker way to monitor the occupation and completion of the tasks, as well as the workload of your employees. You can also measure the use of the material resources or how many occurences of a task is done over a day, a week, or a month.

Here is a Vertical style count of hours :

and here is a horizontal type indicator :

Follow us during Fall/Autumn 2012 for the new trial version!


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Target Skills 10 years Anniversary

by jbouquet July 17, 2012

Hello Everyone, during this summer 2012, from July 9th until August 10th, Target Skills celebrates its 10th birthday.

For this occasion, we offer a summer discount for the 50 first orders! More information on our website.

The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value

by jbouquet April 23, 2012

Behind this farfetched message lies only a date format incompatibility with the database. It is also possible that you got this message in french:

To bypass this blocking message, you will need, depending on the database type you use and depending on the language settings you have on your computer, to create an entry in your registry:

First open your Windows Registry and find the folder:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Target Skills\PLanningPME] or [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Target Skills\PLanningPME] if you are using a 64bits operating system. 

The create a New -> DWORD 32 bits.

If you use a MS Access database :  
name this DWORD 'FR' and set its value to '1' (0x00000001)

If you use a SQL Server database :  
name this DWORD 'US' and set its value to '1' (0x00000001)

Then close and reopen PlanningPME.

If you still have this message after doing these modifications, feel free to contact us.

Why should I opt for a SQL database ?

by jbouquet April 20, 2012

As we keep on developing new applications for new platforms and environments, we always make sure that our applications are compatible with a SQL database.

Why do we make this choice?

In application with PlanningPME, in terms of data protection, data security, performances and compatibility, a SQL database tops all systems. This is why all our applications can be bound to a SQL Server / SQL database.

Advantages of owning a SQL database with PlanningPME :

- More than 10 planners can use the schedule at the same time. Even if you need more people to access the schedule simultaneously, PlanningPME and SQL can manage all these concurrent accesses.
- SQL processes a very large amount of data very quickly. Your database can grow bigger and bigger, the performances remain the same.
- No extra migration cost (850€) if you need to use PlanningPME Web Access or PlanningPME Mobile. All the databases we host for our customers are SQL databases.

Drawbacks of the SQL system:

- Small delay after any operation on the database : creation, deletion of a task etc... (<1s)
- Database maintenance required, and SQL knowledge required for the technicians
- The database is not accessible via a single file, but by a connection string, or a customized shortcut

However, you might already have a defined data environment within your company. This is why PlanningPME is compatible with all these database types.

PlanningPME Mobile free trial version available

by jbouquet April 20, 2012

New : Create a schedule on your iPhone or iPad for free

After downloading the PlanningPME Mobile application available on the Appstore, you can start and create your schedule within a few minutes! Now with  PlanningPME Mobile your schedule is always within reach, and you can optimize your timeline anytime you want.

The Mobile version offers the following features:
- Task/Appointments creation, modification or deletion.
- Creation of unavailabilities, to be able to transfer tasks to available resources while keeping track of the hinders of other workers.
- Input contact informations directly from your iPhone contact list.
- Several Views can be selected, daily, weekly, monthly or comprehensive list.
- Filter the resources by selecting which ones you need to display on the screen.


 To know more about our free Mobile application, you can watch our online videos, or even better, download it ! 

 Target Skills is available for more information @ or 0033 169 471 000.