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Resource organisation

How to organise the order of your resources in PlanningPME Web Access?

First, you need to go to the menu Data -> Resource.

Then, you will have the list of all your resources displayed as shown below

resource organisation

Last, with the symbol "+" and "-" you can change the order on the screen.

Plug in creation

Steps to create your plugin

Now that you know why having a plug in in PlanningPME, here are the technical steps to follow.

1 – Register the PlanningPME.dll
C:\windows\system32\regsvr32.dll PlanningPME.dll

2 – Create the plugin with Visual Basic
Choose the name of your object : here : Project1

plug in project

Choose the name of your class
Here : Projet1.plugin

plug in class

Register the dll PlanningPME in your project

plug in register

Insert your code
Const BN_CLICKED = 0
Const WM_COMMAND = 273

Option Explicit

Implements PlanningPMEPlugin

Private Sub PlanningPMEPlugin_InitializeControls(ByVal Controls As PlanningPMEControls)

    Dim Control As PlanningPMEControl
    Set Control = New PlanningPMEControl
    Control.Caption = "My Button update Task"
    Control.ID = 5000
    Control.x = 350
    Control.y = 50
    Control.Height = 20
    Control.Width = 150
    Control.Type = PpControlPushButton
    Control.When = PpWhenUpdate
    Control.Destination = PpDestinationDoTask
    Controls.Add Control
End Sub

Private Sub PlanningPMEPlugin_OnEvent(ByVal Context As PlanningPMEContext)
    If Context.Context = PpContextMessage Then
        If Context.Loword = 5000 And Context.message = WM_COMMAND And Context.Hiword = BN_CLICKED Then
            MsgBox "BN_CLICKED task Key = " & Context.Key
        End If
    End If
    If Context.Context = PpContextTrigger Then
        If Context.When = PpWhenInsert Then
            MsgBox "Trigger Insert task Key = " & Context.Key
        End If
        If Context.When = PpWhenUpdate Then
            MsgBox "Trigger Update task Key = " & Context.Key
        End If
    End If
End Sub

Compile your project
3 – Register your plugin
C:\windows\system32\regsvr32.dll plugin.dll
4 – Indicate in the PlanningPME register database (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) the name of your plugin

Name : Plugin and Value : Projet1.plugin

5 – Launch PlanningPME
A new button in the task window will appear

plug in button

Software plug in

PlanningPME allows you to create a plugin

Why a plug-in?

- In order to insert controls (button) in the PlanningPME interface and associate actions

- In order to make automatic actions for example add a task 


Who is able to make a  plug-in PlanningPME ?

- A developer expert in Visual Basic or Visual C++ or C#

Plug-in example:


Next more technical Post: How to create a plug-in in PlanningPME?

Update PlanningPMEHTML

How to update your visualisation planning tool PlanningPMEHTML ?

To update PlanningPMEHTML, here are the different steps:

- Rename the file PlanningPMEHTML.exe you are currently using with a name like: PLanningPMEHTML.old

- Download the file PlanningPMEHTML.exe from our website (If you are under support, you will receive an emailing informing you about a new version available on our ftp)

- Save this file on the same location as your file PlanningPMEHTML.old

Your update is now OK.

If you created a scheduled task, your HTML pages will be updated automatically as before.

Software Version

What is your version of PlanningPME?

If you need our support service, most of the time, we will ask you the version of PlanningPME you have.

So, to inform our team of your version, go to the menu ? -> About PlanningPME.

Then, you will have this window displayed:

From here, you have access to:

- your version type: comercialized or trial version

- your version of PlanningPME: in this example

- the name of your computer: ts-caroline in this example

Please, send us those information for any support request.

Time tracking

Track the time of your employees easily thanks to statistics!

You can know at any time the number of hours or days spent each day, week or month.


You have some statistics functions in PlanningPME in order to track time of your employees.

Go to the menu Tools -> Statistics:

Then Select the different options and press the button "Statistics":

On the example above, John worked 11 hours 1/2 on June and is busy 11% of his time.

You can then copy and paste the results on a spreadsheet or export them to a HTML page or print them.

Know more about human resources management within the planning software PlanningPME.


Workload scheduling

Follow the workload scheduling at any time within PlanningPME and improve your project planning


Directly in the planning board!

Indeed, you can know at any time the workload of your resources or of a whole team.

Place your mouse on the resource and check the information on the yellow pop up:

workload scheduling

TIP: At the bottom right corner of the planning board, you have the total workload for all the resources displayed on the screen on the time period selected:

workload team


Database migration

What is the process to migrate your Access database ( pp file
PlanningPME) to another more powerful database such as SQL Server?

For performances reasons, you need to change your database. Indeed, MS Access (pp file) is not powerful enough for the use you have of the planning.

Here are the different steps to migrate your database once you puchased this service.

- Select the database you want to run PlanningPME on: SQL Server or My-SQL

- Install PlanningPME on the database wanted via the installation scripts on our website or we can also provide this service

- Send us your planning so that we can first test the migration

- Fix a date with our IT the day you are ready to change the database

- Send us your last updated planning (pp file) and we will send you back a back up of your planning on SQL Server or My SQL 2 hours later

- Restore the back up file

Feel free to call us : +33 (0)1 69 47 10 00 or send us an email to know more about our database migration service.


Add resources

How to create human resources?

Human resources management is just easy with our planning tools.

From PlanningPME, to add your human resources, go to the menu Data -> Resource.

The following window will appear:

Then, click on the button "Add" to add new entries.

You can add all those information for each human resource.

All your resources will then appear on the planning board.

You can also modify or delete your human resources easily and also change the order on the screen.


Licence management


Manage your licences PlanningPME just easily

You need to purchase one licence PlanningPME for each computer connected to the planning. Modifications will appear on real time on your planning board. No need to save anything.

Here are some articles that will help you manage better your licences:

- Registration of your licences PlanningPME via Internet or by file (if you do not have an Internet connection) with the login and Password provided by Target Skills

- Remove your licence: If you need to change the name of a computer or to change the workstation, you will first need to remove your licence

- Message You have exceeded the number of uses: What should you do if you get this message while opening PlanningPME?

- Installation of PlanningPME on different databases



Lock Task

How to lock task on the planning?

You can lock your tasks by two different ways:

  • You can forbid creation and modification of tasks prior to the present day;
  • Tasks can be locked one by one.

Forbid creation and modification of tasks prior to the current date
From PlanningPME, go to the menu “Tools” -> “Options…”

On the tab « General », the following window appears:

Ticking on this box, past tasks to the current date will not be allowed to be modified.
Task locking

You can fix some tasks in order no one to modify them without your agreement.
First of all, to have access to this option, you must enter the schedule with users rights.

Then, double clicking on the locked task, you will see the name of the user who locked the task. Here, David.

Only the person responsible for the locking or the administrator will be authorized to unlock the task selecting “unlock”.

Isn't tasks management easier now?

Task status

Assignment of a task status or category

For each single task created on your schedule, you can assign a category.

As an example, you can tell whether a task is important or not, if a booking is confirmed or not...
Then, you can filter the schedule to have tasks of a certain category displayed.

How to create a new category?
From PlanningPME, go to the menu "Data" -> Task category"

The “Task Category” window appears.
To add a status, type a label, then select the text and background colors and press the button  “Add”.
You can also select hatching for the category.

task status

NB: Each task created on the planning will be by default of the first category of the list.  For example, “Not Confirmed” in the example below.

If you have added some hatchings to your category, you will see them directly on the planning:
Here, you have a double information: The yellow color is the color selected for the label “training” and the green horizontal lines represent the category of this task.


How to assign a category to a task?

Just select it from the drop down list chile creating a task:


How to filter the planning underlining the task status?

You have a filter at the right top side of the planning board:


How to have the colors displayed on the schedule with this category?

You can display tasks in function of the color of the category on the screen from the menu "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Task".


The color of the task will then be the color of the category of the task.


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Task allocation

How to allocate tasks to the correct resource?

You can assign a task to one or several resources at a glance! Task allocation is just easy within PlanningPME.
From PlanningPME, create a task on the schedule.
On the « Task » window, select the tab « Resources » or tick on the box “Several" resources.  The following window appears.

Point 1 : Filter resources by department
You will then have the list of your filtered resources on the left side of your screen.

Point 2 : Display only available resources
Selecting this box, you will avoid a double-booking. You can only select available resources on the period chosen while creating the task.

Point 3 : Display only resources under contract of employment
This is another filter.

So, you can assign task to one or more resources easily.

Learn more about tasks management within PlanningPME.

Task list

How to define a task list and have a drop down list

while creating a task?

While creating a task on the planning, you can either type it or select it from a list as shown below.

Task list

How to have a predefined list of tasks?

From PlanningPME, go to the menu “Data” -> “Task”. The windows below appears.

From here, you can find all the labels already created. You can add new labels, delete some and really customize fully the scheduling software PlanningPME with your own words.

Then, you have several options available to customize your tasks.
-    Change the text and background colors
-    Assign skills:  "Skills" button
-    Assign hours: "Hours"

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Tasks management

Tasks management within our scheduling software

A task can be a booking, a training, an installation or any mission you need to assign to your employees. They are represented by a coloured box on the planning board. You can create as many tasks as needed and really customize the planning with your own data and jobs specific to your activity.

Find out more below about the features you will benefit from our planning software PlanningPME:

- Task setting: How to create a task on the schedule?

- Recurring task: How to create a recurring task?

- Task list: How to define a list of tasks and have a drop down list while creating a task?

- Task allocation: How to create a task for one or more available resources?

- Task status: Assign some status or categories to your tasks and filter the planning underlining this parameter.

- Task time: Assign a duration or a time slot to your tasks in order to save time while creating your schedule

- Lock task: How to lock a task on the planning?

- Creation Mode: How to switch from the creation mode to the selection mode?

- Task Tracking: How to track the tasks knowing who created or modified it?

Garage planning


Software for garage planning

Manage your technicians, your maintenance tasks, your cars rentals with an accurate garage planning software.

Many clients such as Mercedes or BMW car dealers already use PlanningPME to manage their garage.

Have a look at our garage planning example below:

- Human and material resources view ( Cars and technicians)

- Clients view

And have access to those features:

- Assign several jobs to a technician on the same day
- Control your car rentals
- Avoid double booking
- Book your appointment
- Create reports and statistics

Try our garage planning example today! How?

1- Download the trial version of PlanningPME

2- Download the garage schedule example

Cleaning schedule

It is always a tough work to create a planning to manage the cleaning activity of all your employees.

Manage recurrent jobs, holidays, illness, part-time and all non expected events of your employees current life is never an easy task.

Change your complex and boring Excel planning and choose an easy-to-use planning software.

Have a look at our cleaning planning example below:

cleaning schedule

And have access to those features:

- Manage your employees tasks
- Plan their daily jobs
- Create specific contracts
- Manage recurring bookings
- Avoid double booking

Try our cleaning planning example today! How?

1- Download the trial version of PlanningPME

2- Download the cleaning schedule example

workload management

Imrpove your resources workload management within PlanningPME

You have several projects and tasks for one resource and you need to know if your resources are fully booked?

Our project management software PlanningPME will help you to manage your scheduling problems.

You can assign several tasks to a same resource. How?

First, you need to unselect the option "Assing only one task to the same time to one resource" from Tools -> Options -> General:

Then, on the menu Tools -> Options -> Task, select "display a percentage of assignment"

Result: you can select a percentage while creating a task:

Last, you have the workload while placing your mouse on the resource:

The workload is calculating in function of the number of worked hours you ddefined on the resource profile:

You can also have some reports from the statistics of the scheduling software PlanningPME in Tools -> Statistics.

online planning

Share the information faster with a planning online!

Target Skills put at your disposal its web schedule : PlanningPME Web Access

No need to have anything installed on your computer!

You can have access to your web planning thanks to an Internet connexion and an interface that allows Web Pages (Smartphone, PC, Mac, Pocket PC…).


online planning

Benefits of an online planning:

- Have access to real-time modifications

software reseller

Software Resellers network

Target Skills has developed a network of value added resellers in order to commercialize our planning products range worldwide.

Available in 8 languages, PlanningPME suits any kind of business from small companies to big companies such as Tetra Pak, DELL, Stanwell.

International collaboration is much easier as the software is networkable and the language of the software is chosen by user: It can be changed directly in the software from the menu Tools -> Options.

Read some of our successful stories with some of our europeans distributors:

- Spanish Distributor Konoges

- Successful partnership with our Dutch reseller PC-Computing

Become our partner and take benefits of our experience in planning scheduling solutions.