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Filter your planning data even more easily

Filter your planning data even more easily


Filters are essential in a efficient visual planning tool: to highlight jobs to be done, filters on departments, customers, type of job represent a key feature.

Today, filters have been greatly improve within PlanningPME. Selection is much easier including a search zone to find data rapidly. Selection removal can also be done via a just a click on a new red icon.


Watch this video to know more about filters:




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PlanningPME finally released on Android devices

In addition to Ipad and Iphone versions, your favorite scheduling mobile application is now available for Android tablets and mobiles.


This new version for tablets and smartphones makes it a snap to view and edit your schedule anytime from anywhere. All your appointments, projects, interventions are now stored in your phone.


Ideal for managers, technicians and sales professionals this version grants you an easy way to optimize business travel, update task status and benefit from electronic signature.



Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our user-friendly mobile schedule.

Your planning on your Android mobile

After our Ipad and Iphone mobile version, PlanningPME Mobile will soon be available on Android devices.

At any time, every day, get informed on real-time on your daily planning activities.

Our IT support Arnold is already using PlanningPME Mobile to schedule all his tasks and he will gladly answers all your questions by phone or email!


Licences management under Citrix or Terminal Server

PlanningPME is working on a Citrix or Terminal Server environment

How does the licensing work?

One licence = one user

The number of servers can not be higher than the number of licences.

Installation and registration of the servers

Once the installation completed, launch PlanningPME Server. You will need to register each server with the same procedure described below:

Go to the menu File -> Identification and enter your login and password.

Then, go to File -> Registration via Internet.

You will then have a message telling you that the licence is registered.

How do I register my users?

Each user must be registered. To register, the user just needs to accept the conditions of the licence contract when opening PlanningPME the first time:


If the user does not accept, the window will close and he will not be allowed to use the application. If the user accepts, his name will then be added on the list you can see from File -> Users management.

At the top of this window, you can check the number of licences you are allowed to use and the number of users already registered (In this example, 2/150).

User removal

If a user does not need his licence anymore, select the user that will not need to use PlanningPME, right clic and select “Delete”. You will need to be connected as a Admin on your Citrix or Terminal Server session to be allowed to remove a user.

Be careful, you will be authorized to delete only one licence at one time.

To delete the user, once confirmed by Target Skills, you will just need to go to the menu File -> Users management.

Once this step done, when a new user connects to PlanningPME, he will be asked to accept the conditions of use. 

Switch licences from Client version to Server version

Note that PlanningPME Server and PlanningPME desktop version are 2 different products. So, if you need to switch licences from one version to the other, you will need to purchase new licences.

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For any additional request, you can contact our support.

Latest version of PlanningPME Web Access

The latest version of PlanningPME Web Access will be available soon!

What is PlanningPME Web Access?

This is the internet version of our planning software. You will be able to display and edit your planning on any computer with an internet connexion.

This new release is even more user-friendly, more clear and ergonomic than the previous. The design has evolved to be the closest to the software version. There is also more functions available.

Stay connected to our blog, you will be informed on the release date for this important update. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone for more information. Our Team is always available for you.


Annual resellers meeting

On the 24th of May, Target Skills organised the 4th Edition of its annual resellers meeting .

This meeting allows our partners to share ideas and to get information on expected features and products.

We would like to thank all our partners:

- Isabelle Bievelez and Philip Tondeleir from bITss, Belgium

- Robby Govaerts from RAM Mobile Data, Belgium

- Jerry Loos and David Van Oudhensden from PlanningPME Nederland

- Bernard Emond and France Tremblay from Innovimage, Canada

- Sascha Dengel from Dengel-IT Solutions, Germany



Interested in joining our resellers network?

Send an e-mail and we will provide information on conditions to become a reseller.


Integrated solution with HR management and tracking softwares

PlanningPME, Track and Trace and HR management: All-in-one solution!


PlanningPME is now integrated within a all-in-one solution to also track time better (HR Management) and trace employees on the road (Track and Trace).


Track and Trace, PlanningPME and HR Management are 3 very close and complementary tools. Each software require, however, some very specific knowledge and skills.


Therefore, RAM Mobile Data (Track and Trace), bITss (distributor of PlanningPME in Belgium) and Dot Sys (HR Management) created a partnership in order to combine their different skills to have a powerful integrated solution.


Therefore, it is possible to optimise the planning measuring absences and presences, payroll and projects cost based on real hours.  


Interested in this integrated solution?


Join the seminar on the 23rd of April in Belgium from 1 pm to 5 pm or contact us.




Practical information:

Date: April 23, 2013 from 13h to 17h

Price: Free

Address: New Horizons, Puursesteenweg 390, 2880 Bornem 

Try our planning and scheduling templates

We now have several scheduling templates available directly from the software PlanningPME.

In order to start your trial from an existing planning database, you can create a new planning from the menu File -> New schedule. You will then have this window below:

Planning database

Then, give a name to your new database and press "Save". You can then select one of the examples below:


-> Staff and hours: Track time of your employees and manage their daily shifts

-> Maintenance and interventions: Schedule the service planning of your engineers

-> Management and Projects: Manage projects easily via a visual Gantt chart and many views and filters available

-> Building and constructions: Schedule your building projects

-> Production and Manufacturing: Manage your production and shift your tasks easily

All in one cloud planning solutions


Opt for an all-in one planning system! Nothing to download or install, full live access from anywhere at any time!

Are you looking for an easy-to-use and powerful solution to manage the schedule of your employees? Do you want to have access to your planning from anywhere, without worrying about the technical aspects?

PlanningPME Cloud-based is THE all-in-one planning solution

Save time, do not bother about technical issues  and opt for a cloud-based scheduling application!

What are the benefits?

The data included in your schedule are hosted on our secured servers. Therefore, no installation is required on your side and your IT  no longer need to manage your database. We also guarantee regular backups of your data and you can access technical support at any time through the annual maintenance support contract.

By coupling tools like PlanningPME, PlanningPME PlanningPME Web Access and Mobile, you can have access anytime and anywhere to your planning from any browser or mobile devices. Changes are made in real time on all your management tools and visible to all users.

For which example of use?

The team manager assigns appointments / tasks to his technicians and they are informed in real time of changes in the scheduler via the notifications from the application PlanningPME Mobile.

You assign shifts to your employees and they connect from any web browser to visualise their daily working hours.

Learn more:

For more information about our cloud-based /hosted solutions, please contact us by phone at + 33 (0) 1 69 47 10 00 or e-mail


New version with real time indicators

In order to continually improve PlanningPME, new features are regularly added to your scheduling software.

Do not miss the latest evolutions available in our last version:

-> Create customised data on the main tab: You want to customize the appearance of the General tab windows tasks, clients and / or resources?

Now it is possible, through the creation of additional fields that will be displayed directly on this tab.


-> Organize your resources displayed on the screen: At any time, you can change the order of your resources on your screen with a simple drag / drop


 -> Quickview of extra fields into a new colum: Now you can view the contents of additional fields in a new column planning resources for views, clients and projects.The uses of these new columns are multiple next to the name of your resource, specify a department, badge number, date of birth ... or next to your project, for example a date display Butoire delivery.


-> History / Tracking improved: With PlanningPME, you can go further and access to the complete history of all creations, modifications and deletions of resources, customers and projects.




New videos online on our scheduling tools

Learn more about our products via our online videos

We have just rebuilt our videos web page so that you can have a quick overview of all our scheduling solutions. Whether you need a desktop solution or a web planning, whether your employees are on the road or at the office, check our solutions and find the right combination for your business needs.

We kindly invite you to view our videos here:


If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Take advantage of our summer discount!

Now is time for you to take profit of our summer discount on our range of planning tools!

Wether you need additional licences or some consulting to optimise your planning or a migration of your data to SQL-Server, or wether you need to have your planning available from anywhere thanks to our web version or to extend the planning to your co-workers for visualisation via PlanningPME Viewer licences,this special summer discount is for you!

So, do not wait any longer and take profit of our exceptional offers:


1st licence: 390€ (instead of 490€) and -10% on the other items or you order* 


15% discount on your order. Offer available from the 18th of July until the 19th of August 2011*


50% discount on the support contract  Silver  or  Gold  and 10% on all other items on your order

 To order, contact us precising your coupon code.

- by phone: +33 (0)1 69 47 10 00

- by email

Target Skills team wishes you some good holidays!!


*Offer available on all order of products and services between the 18th of July and the 19th of August, except negociated prices, trainings and specific developments.