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New videos online on our scheduling tools

Learn more about our products via our online videos

We have just rebuilt our videos web page so that you can have a quick overview of all our scheduling solutions. Whether you need a desktop solution or a web planning, whether your employees are on the road or at the office, check our solutions and find the right combination for your business needs.

We kindly invite you to view our videos here:


If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

E-learning with our videos on YouTube


Watch our videos and learn how to use our planning tools easily

Regularly, videos on our planning tools will be added on YouTube on our account:

Just stay on your chair and learn how to create resources, tasks, how to create Excel reports...

Here are some videos already available:

-Demo Scheduling software PlanningPME

-> Demo online scheduling PlanningPME Web Access

-> Create Excel Reports

How to improve the planning visibility with hatchings?

How to improve the planning visibility with hatchings?


Because you may have a great variety of tasks to deal with and that a clear overview needs some of them to be more identifiable, PlanningPME allows you to hatch the tasks. This way, the visual rectangle of the task is accentuated and you can easily identify it among te others. Look at this video to know how to improve the visibility of the planning with hatchings:

If this did not help you, check in our planning videos ! If you remain withiout a solution anyway, do not hesitate to give us a call, we are always happy to help.

Planning videos

Learn easily how to use our products PlanningPME via our Videos !

You will find below some flash tutorials on our products in order to understand better how they work and how they can suit your requirements.

1 - General presentations on Target Skills products:


2 - Videos on PlanningPME features