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The new version of PlanningPME is now available

Check the new features of PlanningPME version 4.3


The new demo version of PlanningPME is now available on our website. Don’t wait anymore to download the free demo version of our planning software.

Careful: if you are already a client don’t download this demo version.

Here is an overview of the last released features:

1/ Offline mode

This new feature allows you to keep on working on your planning in offline mode. Even if you are not connected to your enterprise network, you will be able to create/ modify tasks or unavailabilities on the planning. When you will reconnect to the network, task and unavailabilities will be synchronized an scheduling conflicts will be managed. This new feature requires the use of a SQL Server database.


2/ Dimensions

Thanks to dimensions, you can integrate into the planning all complementary data you need under a list format. For instance, you will be able to add the list of equipments of your company and assign it to an employee, to add a list of attendees to training or even to add detailed steps of a project.


To access on the complete list of the new features developed on PlanningPME,consult the page dedicated to the evolutions of planning.
Ask for an Audit regarding your requirements and let's improve your planning setting together to see how PlanningPME can answer your needs.


See you soon!

End of the support on old versions


Information for our clients: End of the  support on old versions PlanningPME

With the arrival of Windows Vista and Windows 7, our IT department must put in place important modifications on the structure of the software PlanningPME.

For this reason, from the 1st of January 2010, versions older than version 4.0.0.  will not be supported anymore.

Our team is at your disposal at this number: +33 (0)1 69 47 10 00 or via this form to give you any information on the updates of the software PlanningPME.

Create a task without allocating a resource

You can now create a task without allocating a resource from the task, client or project view.

So, you can plan in advance your tasks and interventions and allocate them to your resources later.


The icone (Ø) show that there is no resource allocated to the task.

NB: If you are already a client, you will first need to do this setting in order to have access to this feature:
- Create a resource of the type To Plan from the menu Data -> Resource.
- Just put a space on the label.

- Then, click right on the resource and hide it:

You can now create tasks without assigning any resource.

Want to know more about PlanningPME releases?

Have a look at the evolutions of PlanningPME, version 4.0.3.




New version with Outlook synchronisation

You need to improve the efficiency provided by Outlook planning? We invite you to evaluate our new version 2009 of PlanningPME. 

To answer your requirements, the planning software has been improved. 

Do not wait any longer and try our new version PlanningPME 2009. 

Discover those new features : 


  • Projects Management : Assign colours to your projects and manage the planning in function of your projects. 


Be the first to download this new version clicking on the following link:

NB : If you are already a client, do not download this trial version. You will receive an email soon with the update link. 

Your comments are welcome.

For any requests, contact us.

Our team is at your disposal.

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