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Creation Mode

Selection and Creation Mode

These modes have been designed to make tasks management easier.

Creation mode

This mode allows you to create tasks on the schedule drawing a rectangle or double clicking.

Selection Mode

This mode allows you to select several tasks at the same time and to move them on the scale time.

By default, you are in a creation mode. For the selection mode, right click on your mouse and choose "Selection Mode".     
You can select several tasks at the same time drawing a rectangle grouping several tasks or selecting them one by one with the touch CTRL pressed on.
Move you tasks along the scale time, dragging one of the selected tasks.
In this example, 3 tasks were moved to the next day at the same time.

If you made a mistake, you can cancel the last operation pressing the keys CTRL + Z.
You can also delete several tasks proceeding the same way or paste several tasks.

Careful: In the "Task",  "Client" or "Project" view, you can move your tasks along the time axis but not along the y-axis.
To be back to the creation mode, right click on the schedule and choose "Creation Mode".

Lock Task

How to lock task on the planning?

You can lock your tasks by two different ways:

  • You can forbid creation and modification of tasks prior to the present day;
  • Tasks can be locked one by one.

Forbid creation and modification of tasks prior to the current date
From PlanningPME, go to the menu “Tools” -> “Options…”

On the tab « General », the following window appears:

Ticking on this box, past tasks to the current date will not be allowed to be modified.
Task locking

You can fix some tasks in order no one to modify them without your agreement.
First of all, to have access to this option, you must enter the schedule with users rights.

Then, double clicking on the locked task, you will see the name of the user who locked the task. Here, David.

Only the person responsible for the locking or the administrator will be authorized to unlock the task selecting “unlock”.

Isn't tasks management easier now?

Task allocation

How to allocate tasks to the correct resource?

You can assign a task to one or several resources at a glance! Task allocation is just easy within PlanningPME.
From PlanningPME, create a task on the schedule.
On the « Task » window, select the tab « Resources » or tick on the box “Several" resources.  The following window appears.

Point 1 : Filter resources by department
You will then have the list of your filtered resources on the left side of your screen.

Point 2 : Display only available resources
Selecting this box, you will avoid a double-booking. You can only select available resources on the period chosen while creating the task.

Point 3 : Display only resources under contract of employment
This is another filter.

So, you can assign task to one or more resources easily.

Learn more about tasks management within PlanningPME.

Task list

How to define a task list and have a drop down list

while creating a task?

While creating a task on the planning, you can either type it or select it from a list as shown below.

Task list

How to have a predefined list of tasks?

From PlanningPME, go to the menu “Data” -> “Task”. The windows below appears.

From here, you can find all the labels already created. You can add new labels, delete some and really customize fully the scheduling software PlanningPME with your own words.

Then, you have several options available to customize your tasks.
-    Change the text and background colors
-    Assign skills:  "Skills" button
-    Assign hours: "Hours"

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Tasks management

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A task can be a booking, a training, an installation or any mission you need to assign to your employees. They are represented by a coloured box on the planning board. You can create as many tasks as needed and really customize the planning with your own data and jobs specific to your activity.

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