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How to improve the planning visibility with hatchings?

How to improve the planning visibility with hatchings?


Because you may have a great variety of tasks to deal with and that a clear overview needs some of them to be more identifiable, PlanningPME allows you to hatch the tasks. This way, the visual rectangle of the task is accentuated and you can easily identify it among te others. Look at this video to know how to improve the visibility of the planning with hatchings:

If this did not help you, check in our planning videos ! If you remain withiout a solution anyway, do not hesitate to give us a call, we are always happy to help.

Task Management with PlanningPME Web Access

Task Management with PlanningPME Web Access

The principle of task management is slightly different in Web Access. Let's see some Web Access tips. You can still create your tasks by double clicking or clicking on the button on the top right side of the screen but not anymore by right clicking. (click on it to enlarge)

To open an already created task, you have to click on the green arrow in the right sight of the task box.A new window opens as described here under.


By clicking again on the green arrow, you will develop the full task window and then ou will be able to customize it as you wish. 


Still something unclear?

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Task time

How to assign a duration to the task in hours or days?

When you affect a length to a task, PlanningPME will calculate cleverly the ending date taking into account your resources slots : slots and non working days. You can also indicate a break.
How to use task time feature?

First of all, create a task on your schedule. The “task” window then appears.

Careful! A task with a duration can only be assigned to one resource.
NB: Ticking on "All day" you can enter a length in days.
Ticking off "All day" you can enter a length in hours.

Let's see this task management feature with a practical example

We are going to assign a 4 days length task to the resource « Pedro ».

PlanningPME is going to take into account non-worked days such as Saturday and Sunday on this example. So, the task will end the 9th of August!


This function is interesting when you know the length of your task but not the ending date.

Task status

Assignment of a task status or category

For each single task created on your schedule, you can assign a category.

As an example, you can tell whether a task is important or not, if a booking is confirmed or not...
Then, you can filter the schedule to have tasks of a certain category displayed.

How to create a new category?
From PlanningPME, go to the menu "Data" -> Task category"

The “Task Category” window appears.
To add a status, type a label, then select the text and background colors and press the button  “Add”.
You can also select hatching for the category.

task status

NB: Each task created on the planning will be by default of the first category of the list.  For example, “Not Confirmed” in the example below.

If you have added some hatchings to your category, you will see them directly on the planning:
Here, you have a double information: The yellow color is the color selected for the label “training” and the green horizontal lines represent the category of this task.


How to assign a category to a task?

Just select it from the drop down list chile creating a task:


How to filter the planning underlining the task status?

You have a filter at the right top side of the planning board:


How to have the colors displayed on the schedule with this category?

You can display tasks in function of the color of the category on the screen from the menu "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Task".


The color of the task will then be the color of the category of the task.


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Task management

You can increase the efficiency and productivity of your company using our task management software PlanningPME what will help you in your task management.

You can know at any time what your resources are working on, you can even make statistics on the worked hours.

Task assignment is just fast and intuitive as you can search for available resources and also have some warnings if you make booking mistakes.

task management

PlanningPME task scheduling software  provides an accurate global view of your activity and participates to events real time scheduling to improve your activity.

Wether you manage scheduled tasks or tasks completed, PlanningPME is the tool that will make your planning management efficient.

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