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Task time

How to assign a duration to the task in hours or days?

When you affect a length to a task, PlanningPME will calculate cleverly the ending date taking into account your resources slots : slots and non working days. You can also indicate a break.
How to use task time feature?

First of all, create a task on your schedule. The “task” window then appears.

Careful! A task with a duration can only be assigned to one resource.
NB: Ticking on "All day" you can enter a length in days.
Ticking off "All day" you can enter a length in hours.

Let's see this task management feature with a practical example

We are going to assign a 4 days length task to the resource « Pedro ».

PlanningPME is going to take into account non-worked days such as Saturday and Sunday on this example. So, the task will end the 9th of August!


This function is interesting when you know the length of your task but not the ending date.

Recurring task

How to create a recurring task on your planning?

Some tasks have to be done in a recurrent way. To avoid creating it several times, we implemented a recurrence function. The function “Recurrence” will help you in your tasks management as monthly meetings, yearly appointments…This is another possibility that makes this software so user-friendly.

When creating a task, in the window “Task”, click on the button “Recurrence”.

The following window appears:


 And here is the visualization on the schedule:

You can delete an occurrence of a periodical task or delete all the series. To do so, select the task and right click on the mouse.
Then, click on « Delete ».

If you want, you can get off a task from its series either to:
- Move it 
- Activate a reminder only on this task...

You can extract several tasks from the recurrence: it is useful when a person is off. To do so, click right on the resource and select "Get off the recurrence". Select the period during which you want to get off the tasks from the recurrence.

Careful: The period of time displayed on the screen must include the period during which the resource is off.

Tasks are then independent and you can reassign them to other resources.

If not done yet, download the trial version of planning PME and try it for free.

Do not hesitate and ask for an online demo.

Task setting

Let's see how to create a task on the schedule !

First of all, there are three ways to create a task:

  • by double clicking on the planning board;
  • by drawing a rectangle on the schedule;
  • by right clicking on a blank space of the planning board and selecting "New Task".

This is what you should see displayed on your screen:


From this task setting window, you can decide which task you want to assign to and the related resources (several can be associated with the task if necessary).Choose also the beginning and ending hours for the task...or add a recurrence to the task so that your resource accomplishes it every given day/week/month.

Then, you can move the task on the schedule with a simple "drag and drop" operation.

Other tasks functions will be explained in further posts for an easier task management.

In the meantime, download the trial version of planning PME and try it for free.

Do not hesitate and ask for an online demo.

Task assignment

Most of the time, your resources have to carry out one task at the same time. It means that you wont be allowed to create a second task at the same time for this ressource and will have to choose another one. Furthermore, PlanningPME informs you that the resource is already busy as shown in the following picture:

But it can happen that in a company, resources have to work out more than just one task at the same time.

With PlanningPME, you have the possibility to assign several tasks to a resource.

To activate this option, go to 

Then untick 'assign only one task at the same time to one resource' in order to be allowed to create to events for this resource.

Providing that the option is untick, the resource can have more than just 1 task to carry out as shown below.



 You also have the possibility to zoom on periodical tasks to have a precise overview of recurrences.

Here are some informations and tips about task creation and modification.

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How can I assign several tasks at the same time to a resource

In PlanningPME, if you try to create 2 tasks at the same time to a resource, you get the following message :

If you need to assign several tasks at the same time to an employee you can activate an option to assign several tasks at the same time. To do so, go to the menu Tools -> Options and untick the option "assign only one task at the same time to one resource" as shown on the picture below:

For more information, have a look at the documentation


Fast label recording in PlanningPME Web Access

How to add tasks rapidly in PlanningPME Web Access?

  You would like to have a drop down list in PlanningPME Web Access while entering your tasks like in the picture below?

   instead of 

 Then, you need to create some groups and users in PlanningPME Web Access. To do so, first, go to the menu Parameters -> Groups. 

Then, create your group and do not select "Free Label Writing".


Create your users and assign them to this group.  When connecting to your session PlanningPME Web Access, you will have a drop down list for your tasks.