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Target Skills rewards his 3500th client

After 12 years creation, Target Skills gets over 3500 clients!


Since many years the company Target Skills keeps growing developing and commercializing its tools for planning management and scheduling. Dedicated to a professional clientele of diversified business sectors, the products range PlanningPME is evolving to answer the best clients requirements.

Today Target Skills is proud to go over the stage of 3500 customers with the company REEL, an independent firm who builds, installs and maintains complex systems. This society was on the search for a planning tool allowing to manage intervention, presences, vacations or training too.

To celebrate this event, Target Skills has decided to congratulate his 3500th clients rewarding a 5 access to the mobile version of PlanningPME during one year. This application is now available on smartphones and tablets (compatible with android systems and IOS). It will allow client to get profit of a full mobility and unlimited access to the planning.

Would you like to integrate the users circle of PlanningPME?

Don’t hesitate to contact us or consult the testimonies of our clients to discover what are the daily uses of PlanningPME and how to optimize the personal management, appointments, vacations, projects and trainings etc.

See you soon !


Scheduling software


A scheduling software

to manage rooms, appointments, employees...

Are you looking for a good scheduling software to manage efficiently your activity?

Then, Target Skills presents its fully cutomizable software PlanningPME to schedule your planning.

This multilingual scheduling management tool available in 8 languages is highly adaptable and suitable for all types of companies.

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and cumbersome scheduling boards.

The software enables companies to manage scheduling easily and provides an accurate global schedule of human and material resource use in just one click.

Different types of schedules can be managed with PlanningPME:

- employee scheduling software

- appointment scheduling software

Visit the website and try out pre-set schedules such as:

- Training scheduling:

Training scheduling software

- Resource planning:

resource planning software

- And much more planning and scheduling examples.

Employee scheduling software

The number of employees working in your company is growing and you need now a powerfull tool to organize your activity.

PlanningPME, an employee scheduling software, will help you to manage your human resources management.

In just some clicks you know what your employees are working on.

You can filter by departments in order to have a clearer overview of your activity.



Opt for our scheduling software to manage your activity.

Appointment scheduling software


Schedule your appointments in just some clicks!

Download our free trial version of our appointment scheduling software PlanningPME and follow this course to schedule your appointments.

1- Create an appointment

Draw a rectangle directly on the planning board or right click with your mouse.

The following window appears.

Select the task, the date and time and save your setting.

Then, your new appointment will be created:

2- Shift or Postpone an appointment

Just select it and drag and drop it:

It will then be assigned to another resource:

3- Delete an appointment

Just select it, right click and select delete:

4- Go further with our scheduling software

There are plenty of functions that will save a lot of time: Lock your tasks, creating recurring bookings, synchronize your appointment with Outlook...

Schedule planning

You need to organize the activity of your staff in order to improve your rentability.

Furthermore, you want to have a clear overview of the work to be done. The scheduling software PlanningPME is the tool you are looking for. It will help you in your daily activity thanks its powerful functions .


Easy to use, you can manage the numbers of worked hours and the days off for each resource with this schedule planning in just some clics



You can easily change the view to diplay precise information wether you prefer a daily schedule or a weekly schedule or more, up to one year overview.