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New version with real time indicators

In order to continually improve PlanningPME, new features are regularly added to your scheduling software.

Do not miss the latest evolutions available in our last version:

-> Create customised data on the main tab: You want to customize the appearance of the General tab windows tasks, clients and / or resources?

Now it is possible, through the creation of additional fields that will be displayed directly on this tab.


-> Organize your resources displayed on the screen: At any time, you can change the order of your resources on your screen with a simple drag / drop


 -> Quickview of extra fields into a new colum: Now you can view the contents of additional fields in a new column planning resources for views, clients and projects.The uses of these new columns are multiple next to the name of your resource, specify a department, badge number, date of birth ... or next to your project, for example a date display Butoire delivery.


-> History / Tracking improved: With PlanningPME, you can go further and access to the complete history of all creations, modifications and deletions of resources, customers and projects.




New videos online on our scheduling tools

Learn more about our products via our online videos

We have just rebuilt our videos web page so that you can have a quick overview of all our scheduling solutions. Whether you need a desktop solution or a web planning, whether your employees are on the road or at the office, check our solutions and find the right combination for your business needs.

We kindly invite you to view our videos here:


If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Scheduling software PlanningPME

Target Skills Presents PlanningPME©,

A Fully Customizable and Easy-to-use Scheduling Management Tool

French software manufacturer Target Skills is attuned to the needs of small and large companies alike and is proud to present its software, PlanningPME©. This multilingual (French, German, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish) scheduling management tool is highly adaptable and, therefore, suitable for use by all types of companies. With PlanningPME©, your company can finally eliminate unnecessary paperwork and cumbersome scheduling boards. In addition, modifications will no longer result in endless cross-outs and corrections. 

The software enables companies to manage scheduling easily and provides an accurate global view of human and material resource use in real time in just one click. Target Skills has made a downloadable trial version of PlanningPME©available for free at The website includes several pre-set schedules (by type or by sector) as well as a range of simple, detailed function cards.


The PlanningPME© tool is suitable for a variety of business situations due to the high level of adaptability that has been built in to the software. Work days and shifts may be personalized and additional fields may be added. It is also possible to import existing databases.

With its high performance levels and user-friendliness, PlanningPME© makes it possible for any company to organize and consult resources (employees, subcontractors, vehicles, machines, facilities, etc.) and business activities (tasks, appointments, customer projects, periods of unavailability) while eliminating the need to enter information more than once.

The tool offers a number of advantages, including a user-friendly graphical interface, a wide range of available functions such as searchable human and physical resource availability (tasks to complete, schedules, appointments, scheduled operations, calculation of hours worked, absences due to yearly vacation, etc.), and the use of filters, which enables you to display only the schedule of a particular customer or project. In addition, the dual schedule/agenda function makes it possible to manage long-term projects as well as one-off events.

The “synchronization” function may be used to generate an HTML version of a given schedule. Regardless of where they are located, employees and partners can consult and print schedules in real time. The constant updating of scheduling information and a unique “locking” feature that ensures a given user may not make changes to a task while another user is in the process of making changes eliminates double-bookings. 

PlanningPME runs in Access and offers compatibility with various Microsoft Windowsâ versions (Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, NT4, Millennium, 2000, XP). The software is also compatible with Oracle, MySQL, and SQL-Server. PlanningPME can also be used with the agenda feature in Outlook and with dynamic tables in Excel.

The software also offers local or remote network solutions subject to personalized feasibility studies by Target Skills.