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workload management

Imrpove your resources workload management within PlanningPME

You have several projects and tasks for one resource and you need to know if your resources are fully booked?

Our project management software PlanningPME will help you to manage your scheduling problems.

You can assign several tasks to a same resource. How?

First, you need to unselect the option "Assing only one task to the same time to one resource" from Tools -> Options -> General:

Then, on the menu Tools -> Options -> Task, select "display a percentage of assignment"

Result: you can select a percentage while creating a task:

Last, you have the workload while placing your mouse on the resource:

The workload is calculating in function of the number of worked hours you ddefined on the resource profile:

You can also have some reports from the statistics of the scheduling software PlanningPME in Tools -> Statistics.

Project planning

Manage your projects easily with our project planning software

Fed up with your Excel files or with complicated Project Management software?

With PlanningPME, facilitate your office project management.

Have a look at the example below:

Project Planning 

Take benefits of all those features within our project management software:
- Have a graphic and clear Gantt Chart
- Have access to several views: resources, tasks, clients and projects
- Avoid double booking
- Improve productivity
- Easy scheduling


More screen shots here:

Project View:

Client View: