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New version PlanningPME Web Access

Expected for some times now, the new version of PlanningPME Web Access will be available on Monday, the 30th of August.

From the new features, this version 2.0 now have a cache server. 

What is a cache Server?*

"A cache server is a dedicated network server or service acting as a server that saves Web pages or other Internet content locally. By placing previously requested information in temporary storage, or cache, a cache server both speeds up access to data and reduces demand on an enterprise's bandwidth. Cache servers also allow users to access content offline, including rich media files or other documents. A cache server is sometimes called a "cache engine." 

So, the load speed should be  much faster and the information on the schedule will be updated automatically on real time without any action requested from your side.


* Definition extracted from,,sid9_gci211731,00.html 

Update PlanningPME Web Access

Our web application now have more powerful features.

Have a look at the list of the new features below:

- Assign only one task at the same time to a resource.

Option to activate or deactivate from the menu OpTions -> Task -> "Assign one task to a resource at the same time"

Then, if you try to assign several task to a resource, you will have this message:

That way, you avoid double booking mistakes.

 - The speed is now increased: 30% performances

Save time making your booking on the planning faster!


- Select your own filters

Select the filters you want to display on the planning board from the menu Parameters -> Filters

- Week number: week 52 or week 53 as the last week of the year 2009

Tell us how you use the weeks number in PlanningPME and we will adapt the numbering on your planning.


Create additional fields in PlanningPME Web Access

Create additional fields in PlanningPME Web Access

It is really easy to create additional fields. To do this, please open your PlanningPME Web Access and follow this procedure:

On the right side of your screen, click on Data --> Additional Fields. This window will appear (click on it to enlarge)

Here you will choose in which tab your additional field: task, client, resource, material resource. Once you choose, the following window automatically comes (click on it to enlarge).

In this window you will choose the name of the new tab and create the different fields that compose it. Once done, let's see the result in the selected tab. Here it is !

See you next tip !

PlanningPME WebAccess Tips

PlanningPME WebAccess Tips

In this section, discover some tips about PlanningPME Web Access. If you feel some difficulties with our software and you may not have the time to give us a call, here you will find some solutions about the use of PlanningPME Web Access.


The solution to your problem is not here?

Contact us by mail or give us a call!

Have access to your planning online

PlanningPME Web Access : online planning from PlanningPME

  If you opt for the online scheduling system provided by Target Skills, you benefit from easy-to-use solutions perfectly adapted to the types of activities you want to schedule. 

Why opting for an online planning ?

Advantages of PlanningPME Web Access, online scheduling system : 

  • A universal multi-workstation access
  • A permanent access to your schedules online
  • Access via a unique login and password
  • An improvement of remote work
  • Simultaneous visualization of your collaborators schedules
  • A fast sharing of the information - Secured data on powerful servers
  • Two options: Subcription mode or Purchase mode for the online scheduling system PlanningPME Web Access

Read more about online planning:
- Video of the online planning PlanningPME Web Access 
- online scheduling system

Fast label recording in PlanningPME Web Access

How to add tasks rapidly in PlanningPME Web Access?

  You would like to have a drop down list in PlanningPME Web Access while entering your tasks like in the picture below?

   instead of 

 Then, you need to create some groups and users in PlanningPME Web Access. To do so, first, go to the menu Parameters -> Groups. 

Then, create your group and do not select "Free Label Writing".


Create your users and assign them to this group.  When connecting to your session PlanningPME Web Access, you will have a drop down list for your tasks.