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Target Skills rewards his 3500th client

After 12 years creation, Target Skills gets over 3500 clients!


Since many years the company Target Skills keeps growing developing and commercializing its tools for planning management and scheduling. Dedicated to a professional clientele of diversified business sectors, the products range PlanningPME is evolving to answer the best clients requirements.

Today Target Skills is proud to go over the stage of 3500 customers with the company REEL, an independent firm who builds, installs and maintains complex systems. This society was on the search for a planning tool allowing to manage intervention, presences, vacations or training too.

To celebrate this event, Target Skills has decided to congratulate his 3500th clients rewarding a 5 access to the mobile version of PlanningPME during one year. This application is now available on smartphones and tablets (compatible with android systems and IOS). It will allow client to get profit of a full mobility and unlimited access to the planning.

Would you like to integrate the users circle of PlanningPME?

Don’t hesitate to contact us or consult the testimonies of our clients to discover what are the daily uses of PlanningPME and how to optimize the personal management, appointments, vacations, projects and trainings etc.

See you soon !


New version with real time indicators

In order to continually improve PlanningPME, new features are regularly added to your scheduling software.

Do not miss the latest evolutions available in our last version:

-> Create customised data on the main tab: You want to customize the appearance of the General tab windows tasks, clients and / or resources?

Now it is possible, through the creation of additional fields that will be displayed directly on this tab.


-> Organize your resources displayed on the screen: At any time, you can change the order of your resources on your screen with a simple drag / drop


 -> Quickview of extra fields into a new colum: Now you can view the contents of additional fields in a new column planning resources for views, clients and projects.The uses of these new columns are multiple next to the name of your resource, specify a department, badge number, date of birth ... or next to your project, for example a date display Butoire delivery.


-> History / Tracking improved: With PlanningPME, you can go further and access to the complete history of all creations, modifications and deletions of resources, customers and projects.




New videos online on our scheduling tools

Learn more about our products via our online videos

We have just rebuilt our videos web page so that you can have a quick overview of all our scheduling solutions. Whether you need a desktop solution or a web planning, whether your employees are on the road or at the office, check our solutions and find the right combination for your business needs.

We kindly invite you to view our videos here:


If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Synchronise your tasks to Outlook via PlanningPME Viewer

Synchronize your tasks from PlanningPME to Outlook

 via PlanningPME Viewer

As requested by a lot of clients, we now have a new product PlanningPME Viewer.
The difference between PlanningPME licences is that the user do not have any modifications permissions on the planning and the licence is much cheaper.
But viewer users have access to the same interface and all the filters available in PlanningPME.

You will find on our website a video and some more information.

One of the big advantage is that your employees can synchronize their tasks with Outlook!!!!
The synchronisation is one way: from PlanningPME to Outlook. So, they can not change anything on the planning.

Prices start from 99€ and decrease with the number of licences.
For example:
1 licence PlanningPME Viewer: 99€
5 licences PlanningPME Viewer: 455€
10 licences PlanningPME Viewer: 871€

 Follow this link to make your own quote.


Filters in PlanningPME

Filters in PlanningPME

Even when you run a small or medium company, the amount of informations to deal with is often huge. More than allowing you just to manage a lot of resources and clients, PlanningPME enables you to navigate among it and find the right informations right when you need it, this thanks to the filters you can customize as you wish. Just take a look to this short video to see how the filters work in PlanningPME.

filter display video

 If this did not help you, check in our planning videos ! If you remain without a solution anyway, do not hesitate to give us a call, we are always happy to help.

Web Schedule

Web Schedule

If you are on this page, it's because you are looking for a web version of schedule. Congratulations ! You just found it.

PlanningPME WebAccess is the web based version of the application PlanningPME. It allows you to manage the schedule of all your employees or teamates online. Its main strenght? Its user-friendly interface, its flexibility...In a word, this software will fit all your requirements for an online planning. And if it doesn't, we can develop the improvements you would like.

The best way to get an idea about PlanningPME WebAccess is to give us a call and we will give a month of free access to the application.

Planning Web

Planning Web

Target Skills released a new stand alone tool: PlanningPME WebAccess. Keeping in touch with PlanningPME's style, this web application provides a useful tool to keep your planning and your resources anywhere. You just need an internet connection ! 

With PlanningPME WebAccess, you can easily create your tasks and define your priorities when you have a moment. And you can always be updated about the changes on the planning.

The visual aspect of this tool still aims to precision and clearness without being ugly and demotivating. Take a look at it:


Download the trial version of PlanningPME today.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.

Planning Software Free

Planning Software Free

PlanningPME is a professional planning software designed for business planning, follow up of activities and resources. This software is used daily by more than 2,000 companies all over the world.


You can download the trial version and test it for free for 30 days. Thus, make your own opinion andshare it with us. Remember that we can develop all the functionalities that you would desire. Just give us a call !

Try it, it's free !!


Human resource department

Human resource department

Human resources management is complicated enought to be one of the most important matter in near every companies. That's why the persons who carry out these tasks need and deserve a powerful and adaptable tool to help them.

PlanningPME has been designed for this. It enables a clear overview of the employees allocation together with precise statistics about their days-off and absences. You can manage your resources by skills and assign tasks to them

Here is the global view on your planning board:

Here are the general basic statistics you can ask for:

You can edit precise reports easily thanks to Excel pivot tables and organize it the way you want to. It is very professional and useful. This is what it looks like:

Download the trial version of PlanningPME today.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.

Fair Organisation Planning

Fair Organisation Planning

PlanningPME counts among its users some fair organizers. As you will see through this planning template, PlanningPME meets particularly well the requirements of that kind of opportunities.

Fair organisation needs a special rigour because it is a long and complicated task to handle. The best advantage the fair organisers can take from PlanningPME is the clearness of its interface and of the informations displayed. PlanningPME allows to handle many employees and display them by departments/service. Then, you can create as many tasks as you want and display your work by tasks for a better follow up. It is even possible to display your planning by project so that you do not feel lost when working on a particular fair. 

Everything is designed so that the informations displayed are clear and precise. Then you are free to custom the planning to feel at ease when using it. To have a better understanding, take a look at this example:

Here is the main view, the resource view where you can see all your resources and the tasks assigned to them.


 Here is the task view that tells you the state of the ctivities sorted by tasks. It offers another point of view on the work on progress.


But you can also choose to see the activity by projects or by clients or whatever you want since PlanningPME provides a lot of different filters and even allows you to create yours. 

  Download the trial version of PlanningPME today.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.

Planning software

Discover the reference in Planning software!

 PlanningPME is a planning software that will make you gain time compared with you previous planning management. How is it possible?

 PlanningPME is a tool that has been designed for small and medium companies. Through the years and thanks to our clients' feedback, we improved the possibilities offered by the software because every company is different. What we seek is fit your needs !

 No matter your activity sector, we find the way to adapt the software to your needs and together we find the best solution.

 Our 1500 clients around the world can testify ! PlanningPME works as a resource planning software (tasks management, days-off...) as well as a business planning software (clients file, projects management, bookings...)

Download the trial planning software for free.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.

Recurring task

How to create a recurring task on your planning?

Some tasks have to be done in a recurrent way. To avoid creating it several times, we implemented a recurrence function. The function “Recurrence” will help you in your tasks management as monthly meetings, yearly appointments…This is another possibility that makes this software so user-friendly.

When creating a task, in the window “Task”, click on the button “Recurrence”.

The following window appears:


 And here is the visualization on the schedule:

You can delete an occurrence of a periodical task or delete all the series. To do so, select the task and right click on the mouse.
Then, click on « Delete ».

If you want, you can get off a task from its series either to:
- Move it 
- Activate a reminder only on this task...

You can extract several tasks from the recurrence: it is useful when a person is off. To do so, click right on the resource and select "Get off the recurrence". Select the period during which you want to get off the tasks from the recurrence.

Careful: The period of time displayed on the screen must include the period during which the resource is off.

Tasks are then independent and you can reassign them to other resources.

If not done yet, download the trial version of planning PME and try it for free.

Do not hesitate and ask for an online demo.

Planning template

Your planning wouldn't be the same according to your activity. That is why PlanningPME provides you some planning template that you can download and try out. Discover how this software is user friendly.

Find examples according to your sector of activity:

Whatever the kind of planning you want to make, PlannningPME provides you the perfect match!

Download the trial version of PlanningPME today.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.

Planning model

Your planning wouldn't be the same according to your activity. That is why PlanningPME provides you some planning models that you can download and try out. Discover how this software is user friendly.

Find examples according to your sector of activity:

Whatever the kind of planning you want to make, PlannningPME provides you the perfect match!

Download the trial version of PlanningPME today.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.

Human resource planning

The planning and its sharing is the basis of an efficient human resource management. PlanningPME offers a good solution for solving any Human resource planning problem.

With this powerful tool, managing your employees will become easier than with your Excel planning. Furthermore, additional tools of the software will help you by sharing automatically any news or modifications in real time with the rest of your team, or consulting the planning from anywhere.

Among the many advantages you can benefit from using PlanningPME:

  • a good overview of your activity;
  • automatical sharing on network;
  • easy management of day-off;
  • resource planning at a glance;
  • precise and clear statistic edition;
  • Excel, Access, Word compatibility;
  • an efficient and reactive technical support.

Download the trial version of PlanningPME today.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.

Outlook planning

Outlook is a software that is really useful in all companies' planning activities. Outlook planning has become a truly effective organization and communication tool and it contributes to collective efficiency. Planning PME is also a great achievement on planning software market as it shows itself among the leaders.

This software allows you to overcome the efficiency reached thanks to Outlook without loosing the benefits you already got, as both softwares are compatible.

Outlook synchronisation is one of the many advantages offered by Planning PME: all tasks on the planning will be synchronized automatically between both softwares.

Furthermore, there are two ways synchronization between Outlook and the planning.

Download the trial version of planning PME today.

Do not hesitate and ask for an online demo.

Planning department creation with PlanningPME

You have a lot of resources to manage in your company and you don't want to display them all at the same time on your screen because it would be unreadable? The solution for your business planning is Planning department creation with PlanningPME

With PlanningPME, you can create easily departments in order to have a better overview of your activity and extract the Planning for each department from your overall schedule


First create your department in Date -> Department

Following window appears :

Enter the name of your departments clicking on add and select directly from this window the resources belonging to this department


In the department window you can now the your departments and the number of resources in each department



Then, you can display on your screen one department for a better overview clicking on the combo box in the menu bar and selecting the department you want to appear on your screen.


Only the resources of this department will be displayed

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Training software

Manage your courses easily with a good training software!

Do you need to manage your trainers and courses?

Do you need to have a good overview of the allocation of your trainings and resources?

Then, opt for our training software PlanningPME.

Some screens of our scheduling application:

- Trainers and rooms view:
training software resource view


- Courses / Classes view:
Training software courses view


Clients View:
Training software clients view

 Take benefits of training resources and planning education :

  • Avoid double booking
  • Import your list of resources and clients
  • Schedule your courses
  • Edit reports
  • Make statistics


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- Schedule your trainings

ERP Navision

Have a good planning tool integrated with your ERP Navision
Many companies know the problem of a simple, easy-to-use resource planning.

Often these companies work with wall-mounted planning boards or planning in Excel® and a lot of communication is necessary to get the right resource at the right job.

On the other hand, nowadays many companies work with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions to optimize their back-office procedures and to integrate their business processes in one integrated application.

Some partners offer worldwide those links between PlanningPME and NAV.

Combination of the best of both worlds:Planning software PlanningPME and ERP Planning Navision


TriPlan+ combines the best of both worlds: projects, resources, clients etc. from your NAV database can be planned efficiently in the easy-to-use and flexible scheduling software of PlanningPME

Because of the multi-user architecture, it is possible to work with multiple planners in real time so everyone is constantly up to date.

And for employees or external people who need to have access to the planning, we have the possibility to plan/view via internet.

To know more about this integration, have a look at our page on Navision integration.

PlanningPME can be easily integrated with other ERP softwares:

- Integration PlanningPME

- Object Model PlanningPME


Resource Planning at a glance

Improve your productivity and save time with an efficient
resource planning software

Nowadays, resource planning proves to be one of the most important issues to deal with for business to be successful and act in a coherent fashion.

With the scheduling software PlanningPME, you can manage your resources easily.

Take benefits of those features:
- Groups your resources by department
- Display your human resources planning precisely
- Check the availability of your employees

Download the trial version of PlanningPME today.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.


To know more about resource planning within PlanningPME, read this pdf documentation: