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The new version of PlanningPME is now available

Check the new features of PlanningPME version 4.3


The new demo version of PlanningPME is now available on our website. Don’t wait anymore to download the free demo version of our planning software.

Careful: if you are already a client don’t download this demo version.

Here is an overview of the last released features:

1/ Offline mode

This new feature allows you to keep on working on your planning in offline mode. Even if you are not connected to your enterprise network, you will be able to create/ modify tasks or unavailabilities on the planning. When you will reconnect to the network, task and unavailabilities will be synchronized an scheduling conflicts will be managed. This new feature requires the use of a SQL Server database.


2/ Dimensions

Thanks to dimensions, you can integrate into the planning all complementary data you need under a list format. For instance, you will be able to add the list of equipments of your company and assign it to an employee, to add a list of attendees to training or even to add detailed steps of a project.


To access on the complete list of the new features developed on PlanningPME,consult the page dedicated to the evolutions of planning.
Ask for an Audit regarding your requirements and let's improve your planning setting together to see how PlanningPME can answer your needs.


See you soon!

Documentation updated

Our manual and individual functions cards are now updated with the last updates of version 4.0.3. Wether you need to manage your employees, clients or projects, all you need to know is now available.

 You can have access to all our documentation here:

If ever you do not feel like reading all 300 pages of our user guide, you can read only specific topics. You will find below a brief description of each card:

Card 1: Resources Management

You can create as many human and material resources as you want. For each resource, you can specify a different profile, a contract and assign them skills. Also, learn how to optimise the schedule thanks to the resource of the type "To Plan".

Card 2: Tasks management

Learn how to create tasks for one or several resources. You can also customise the fields and colors displayed on the screen, lock your tasks, have a tracking for each task and know who created it and modified it.

Card 3: Options that you can activate within the tasks window

More options are also available while creating a task. You can activate the tasks dependencies, activate clients management. You can also have the percentage of assignment displayed or also a reminder.

Card 4: Skills management

You can add your own skills and assign them to resouces. Then, you find search for skilled resources to complete a job.

Card 5: Clients management

Import your list of clients and assign a client to a job. Have also access to the client view and diplay tasks for specific clients.

Card 6: Vacations and unavailabilities

Track days off of your employees and visualize at a glance who is not in the office. Manage also public holidays.

Card 7: All filters available

Lots of filters can be used in order to display only precise information: display only resources that complete one particular job, change the view and display your appointments on a map, visualise all your clients, projects.

 Read more about our functions cards 8 to 16 on our next post.