Weekly schedule

by cdeschamps May 5, 2009

The scheduling software PlanningPME allows you to display a weekly schedule:

weekly schedule

You can also display a planning schedule on 5 days if you do not want to see the week end and have a better view of your planning:

weekly schedule on 5 days

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Schedule planning

by pkilo April 20, 2009

You need to organize the activity of your staff in order to improve your rentability.

Furthermore, you want to have a clear overview of the work to be done. The scheduling software PlanningPME is the tool you are looking for. It will help you in your daily activity thanks its powerful functions .


Easy to use, you can manage the numbers of worked hours and the days off for each resource with this schedule planning in just some clics



You can easily change the view to diplay precise information wether you prefer a daily schedule or a weekly schedule or more, up to one year overview.