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Synchronise your tasks to Outlook via PlanningPME Viewer

Synchronize your tasks from PlanningPME to Outlook

 via PlanningPME Viewer

As requested by a lot of clients, we now have a new product PlanningPME Viewer.
The difference between PlanningPME licences is that the user do not have any modifications permissions on the planning and the licence is much cheaper.
But viewer users have access to the same interface and all the filters available in PlanningPME.

You will find on our website a video and some more information.

One of the big advantage is that your employees can synchronize their tasks with Outlook!!!!
The synchronisation is one way: from PlanningPME to Outlook. So, they can not change anything on the planning.

Prices start from 99€ and decrease with the number of licences.
For example:
1 licence PlanningPME Viewer: 99€
5 licences PlanningPME Viewer: 455€
10 licences PlanningPME Viewer: 871€

 Follow this link to make your own quote.