Sql server installation

by cdeschamps April 15, 2009

Sql server installation: Opt for a powerful database such as SQL Server!

In order to increase speed peformances, we invite you to install PlanningPME on a powerful database such as SQL Server instead of MS Access.


You will find on our SQL Server installation page all the information you need to install PlanningPME on SQL Server.

If you do not have a licence of SQL Server, you can always opt for SQL Server Express Edition that is free and easy to use.

Download your installation kit here : SQL_SERVER.ZIP

Example of string connexion:

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Error message The conversion of a char data type

by cdeschamps March 9, 2009

Installation Problem on SQL Server error message:

The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in a out-of-range datatime value



Create a DWORD value US=1 on the registry





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