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Easy-to-use resource scheduling software

Order your resources directly on the screen

You can now order your resources directly on the screen. This new feature will save a lot of time as you can drag and drop your resources.
You can of course prevent your users from using this feature with the users rights control.
To know more about the evolutions of PlanningPME, do not forget to have a look at the evolution page.
Here is a video that shows you how this feature is working:

Human resources management

Manage your resources easily with PlanningPME!

You can create as many human resources as you want in PlanningPME.
Human resources can be: technicians, trainers, employees, instructors and any kind of staff.


Features to manage efficiently your human resources

- Human resource department: Group your resources by department and filter the planning by department in order to display specific resources.

- Resource profile: Create a standard weekly profile for each employee and  visualize working days of your staff.

- Employee agreement: Create job contracts for each employee

- Skills management: Assign skills to resources and find out skilled resources easily

- Time Tracking: Track the time or your employees each day, week or month