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Resource creation

Resource creation

Let's have a look on resource creation. The resources are the basis of PlanningPME. You can create and customize them easily, and you can even interact with them through the software, sending recalls or e-mails to summarize the newly created task. It is just easy. Just watch this short video about how to create it.

If this did not help you, check in our planning videos ! If you remain withiout a solution anyway, do not hesitate to give us a call, we are always happy to help.



Resource Planning at a glance

Improve your productivity and save time with an efficient
resource planning software

Nowadays, resource planning proves to be one of the most important issues to deal with for business to be successful and act in a coherent fashion.

With the scheduling software PlanningPME, you can manage your resources easily.

Take benefits of those features:
- Groups your resources by department
- Display your human resources planning precisely
- Check the availability of your employees

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To know more about resource planning within PlanningPME, read this pdf documentation: