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Documentation on reports, statistics, users rights and more

As written in our previous post, our documentation on our resource scheduling software PlanningPME is now updated.

Here is the description of our individual functions cards from card 8 with additional fields creation to card 16.

Card 8: Creation of specific fields

You can create customised fields in order to adapt our software to your activity. Additional fields can be added on the resources, clients, tasks and/or projects.

Card 9: Different printing possibilities

You can print one day, one week or more. You also have a report per employee or a report for an entire department. Track also the number of days off taken by your employee each year.

Card 10: Statistics and excel reports

Once your scheduling done, you can have really precise reports on days and hours worked by your employees. On a regular basis, you can update your reports in just some clicks and know wether your resources were productive or not.

Card 11: Search for the availability or your resources or for your tasks

Find the right person for the right job via the search for availability function. Also, easily search for your previous or past tasks on your busy planning board.

Card 12: Users rights

Limit the access to the different users depending on their function and skills. Decide wether the users can addd modify or delete fields as resources, tasks and clients.

Card 13: Visualisation on HTML Pages

Send your schedule for visualisation in order your colleagues to view the schedule without making any changes on it. Read how to use our visalisation planning tool PlanningPMEHTML.

Card 14: Integration with PlanningPME

You can import some data as clients on PlanningPME. Also, via some tools as our COM object, data synchronisation with external application.

Card 15: Alarms and Outlook synchronisation

Synchronise your tasks and appointments to Outlook. Activate some alarms in order to remind you of some particular tasks.

Card 16: Language and dates settings

You can change the language and switch to French, Spanish or others. It allows you and your worldwide colleague to use one same tool and communicate better.


Tip of the Week Excel Reports

Do you want to make and update reports
to track the time of your employees easily?

A powerful feature of our planning software PlanningPME is the possibility to make reports via Excel Pivot Tables. 

Here is an example of reports:

All the data regarding resources, clients, projects, tasks, unavailabilities can be exported to Excel in order to have precise reports.

You can then have the number of days off for each employee, the time spent on each task, the number of days per client...

Do you know that you can save up to 10 templates in PlanningPME? Indeed, once your different templates created, you will just need to update them regularly selecting the dates in Pivot Table interface of PlanningPME.