Project management software

by pkilo April 16, 2009

You need a tool to schedule your projects. It must be easy to use but at the same time powerful...

Do not hesitate and try the free trial version of our Project management Software PlanningPME !

You can in just one clic find qualified resources for specific projects.

You can even download a predifine example to give you a hint of the advantages of using PlanningPME!










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New version with Outlook synchronisation

by cdeschamps March 24, 2009

You need to improve the efficiency provided by Outlook planning? We invite you to evaluate our new version 2009 of PlanningPME. 

To answer your requirements, the planning software has been improved. 

Do not wait any longer and try our new version PlanningPME 2009. 

Discover those new features : 


  • Projects Management : Assign colours to your projects and manage the planning in function of your projects. 


Be the first to download this new version clicking on the following link:

NB : If you are already a client, do not download this trial version. You will receive an email soon with the update link. 

Your comments are welcome.

For any requests, contact us.

Our team is at your disposal.

Best Regards ,

Schedule easily
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Link your tasks easily

by cdeschamps March 16, 2009

How to create a link between your tasks?

While making your office project management, you sometimes need to link your tasks within the software.

To link tasks, two possibilities

-> 1st possibility - Go to the first task and right click, select Link…



Then, go to the second task and select …to





->2nd possibility - Select the link icon at the top of the planning:


Then, click on the first task and then on the second task




Define a delay between the tasks

You can also precise a delay between two tasks clicking on the arrow directly



Then, while shifting the first task, the successive linked tasks will be shifted as well according to this delay:



Video on this subject:


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