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Production Planning

PlanningPME can now be used as an easy-to-use production planning.

You can define easily the different kind of templates you have while doing your planning: A template is composed of successive tasks with different durations. You can even assign by default each activity to one particular resource.

Then, while doing your planning, you can start from one of your template (instead of creating each task one by one) and have your job drawn in just some clicks.

The planner will then just need to drag and drop his jobs from one resource to another depending on availability and workload.

Watch this planning production video to know more:

This type of production planning is suitable for installation companies (kitchen or bathroom installation for example) but also garage planning, project scheduling etc... Indeed, for each new order, always the same planning steps follow and the solution provided by Target Skills allow you to save time and have a good visual and graphical planning. Assigning your jobs to your employees is just fast via a drag and drop. You can even have a search for availability and a check to avoid double booking.

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Production planning

Production planning

As many of our clients currently do, you can manage your manufacturing site with PlanningPME. Let's take a look to how they do.

On this picture you can see the organization of the human ressources (61) according to their skills in teams that correspond to the steps of production (research department, machining, boiler works...)

Returning to a more precise view, each task of the employees are clearly displayed.


Then, they listed all the tasks possible for this result. The aim is to be able to see what has to be done, for which client and share it with the rest of the team. This way, everyone can be aware of the production process.


You can also organize your production according to projects. Whatever the way you want to proceed, PlanningPME will fit your needs.

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