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Improvements of the email sent from PlanningPME via Outlook

From PlanningPME, you have the possibility to send an email to your employees while creating a new task just clicking on the envelope icon:

 Some improvements have been developed in order to optimize this feature.


 1. Select the object of the email sent
In former version, the object of the email was the task label. Now, you can select the fields you want to have while sending the email like Client Name + Project name or whatever from the menu Data -> Description -> Email object


2. Attach a file to the email sent

It is now possible to attach a customized mission sheet while sending an email.
You just need to select the option “Attach the mission sheet” from Tools -> Options -> Mailing box

This mission sheet is the one you specified from Tools -> Options -> Mission Sheet.

To have your own customized mission sheet, we invite you to contact Target Skills to discuss your requirements and have an estimate.

3. Open the email on Outlook before sending it

It is now possible to display the email and add any information or text you want before sending the email.

You just need to select the option “Display the message  before sending it” from Tools -> Options -> Mailing box


To know more about this email feature, you can read this card:

Synchronise your tasks to Outlook via PlanningPME Viewer

Synchronize your tasks from PlanningPME to Outlook

 via PlanningPME Viewer

As requested by a lot of clients, we now have a new product PlanningPME Viewer.
The difference between PlanningPME licences is that the user do not have any modifications permissions on the planning and the licence is much cheaper.
But viewer users have access to the same interface and all the filters available in PlanningPME.

You will find on our website a video and some more information.

One of the big advantage is that your employees can synchronize their tasks with Outlook!!!!
The synchronisation is one way: from PlanningPME to Outlook. So, they can not change anything on the planning.

Prices start from 99€ and decrease with the number of licences.
For example:
1 licence PlanningPME Viewer: 99€
5 licences PlanningPME Viewer: 455€
10 licences PlanningPME Viewer: 871€

 Follow this link to make your own quote.


Outlook planning

Outlook is a software that is really useful in all companies' planning activities. Outlook planning has become a truly effective organization and communication tool and it contributes to collective efficiency. Planning PME is also a great achievement on planning software market as it shows itself among the leaders.

This software allows you to overcome the efficiency reached thanks to Outlook without loosing the benefits you already got, as both softwares are compatible.

Outlook synchronisation is one of the many advantages offered by Planning PME: all tasks on the planning will be synchronized automatically between both softwares.

Furthermore, there are two ways synchronization between Outlook and the planning.

Download the trial version of planning PME today.

Do not hesitate and ask for an online demo.

New version with Outlook synchronisation

You need to improve the efficiency provided by Outlook planning? We invite you to evaluate our new version 2009 of PlanningPME. 

To answer your requirements, the planning software has been improved. 

Do not wait any longer and try our new version PlanningPME 2009. 

Discover those new features : 


  • Projects Management : Assign colours to your projects and manage the planning in function of your projects. 


Be the first to download this new version clicking on the following link:

NB : If you are already a client, do not download this trial version. You will receive an email soon with the update link. 

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